09 September 2009

banana republic.

I got hired.
I'm the newest member to the Banana Republic Family.
Isn't it a good feeling to be hired? I like when they point out your good qualities as they offer you a job and when they tell you what they most like about you. It makes me want to really continue to impress them. I'll be the best worker they've ever hired.

I enjoy the training process. I enjoy learning all the procedures & policies. I enjoy meeting the new people I'm going to work with. I am just going to enjoy having a "real" job again.

The last job I worked was at my campus bookstore. That ended in December 2007. January 2008, I started nannying the family I'm still with. It's been great and fun and rewarding. I've learned a lot about parenting. I've grown very attached to the, then 6, now 8 year old boy.
Despite that all, I felt a change would be good for me.

I'm still going to nanny, but instead of picking the boy up after school, I'll just be getting him up and ready and take him to school. Working for them is about 6 -10 hours a week. My job at Banana is only going to be 5-10 hours a week. Add those hours to 20 hours of school and I'm pretty set.

Life is great right now. Really, it's great.
Xoxo, Brittany

ps: today in class the teacher showed us eyebrow waxing. i volunteered to be the demonstration model, expecting the teacher to do a good job.
let's just say, my eyebrows are different shapes and different lengths.


Laura Hunter said...

congrats on the new job! i bet your excited for the sweet discount! school sounds fun too! ill be your model any time!

brooklyn said...

ooh, that's exciting. congrats.

tiger lily said...

I found you (this is Clara, not a creep)! I'm sad I haven't seen you since that one time, but I go up to SLC every Tuesday, so maybe I will see you again?
I kind of envy you and your jobs, but I do not envy your eyebrows.