03 September 2009


When I thought of going into aesthetics, I was thinking school would be so fun and easy.

The first week of school confirmed my assumption... We learned about proper hygiene, what to wear, how to take care of our hair, how to set and achieve goals, where we can get a job, how to act in the workplace, to be nice and caring a genuine and so on. It was actually a great. I suggest that every person should learn those things if they are ever going to interact with another human being.

Then the second week came. Oh. Never mind about the fun and easy...

I'm just glad that it's still fun.
Xoxo, Brittany


Laurel & Bruce said...

way to go! I think you have found the perfect thing to do! Can't wait for you to get good at all of us so you can make us all more relaxed and beautiful!

Janelle said...

good luck, brittany! hope it's still fun for you! i bet you're going to be great at it and have tons of helpful tips for the rest of us.

Day Family said...

Britt! No way! i'm going into aesthetics too! You wil have to keep me updated on your classes. love you