26 August 2009

Here I am.

Hello Readers.

I started school today. SLCC. Esthetics program. There are a lot of different types of people in there. I'm excited to get to know all sorts of new people. I really enjoy people and making friends with random people. I also like making people feel good about themselves.

My step-sister, Jennie, dyed my hair a shade darker of brown. It's a good change, not too different that i don't feel like myself, but different enough to be excited about a change. The dye really brought out my red undertones. I'm trying to get used to that part.

I'm done the full time (7am-6pm daily) nannying for the summer and now I'm just there from 7-8:30 each morning. I drive my little 3rd grader buddy to school each morning, after I wake him up and get him ready and fed before school. I can't do the after school time with him now because my classes are everyday from 12-5.

I decided to look for another job for the evenings. Chase will be in night classes and I feel like I need to utilize my new green card status, by getting a "real" job. I may as well get a retail job, because after I have kids, I don't plan on working.

My hope is that once I finish my esthetics program, I can work from home. It would be great when I have kids- to work from home. One day I think it would be really fun to open a little salon/boutique. It's just a dream for now though.

First of all, Chase and I want to continue saving for a house. Perhaps we will buy one next year. Wouldn't that be fun!

Summer is officially over in my books. I've had a great summer full of fishing, swimming, playing, all my family, chicago, canada, st george, relaxing and many great memories.

I'm excited for fall, because I've purchased some fun new winter clothes.
Xoxo, Brittany

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Laurel & Bruce said...

you are adorable. good luck in school and your new job when you get it.
it was a very fun summer!