31 July 2009

no time

I'm sad that I haven't updated my blog for a while... but at the same time, do you know what that means? I've been so busy having so much fun that I haven't had time to update my blog.
I'm going to have to write a whole mega-blog all about my stacations... and my vacations! (e.g., I'm in Chicago right now.)

Brittany Anne Nielsen

08 July 2009

a summer full of staycations.

This summer has been wonderful. A highlight was a few Saturday's ago. Chase took me fishing. I had never really been fishing before. One time when I was young, I fished off the shore of a lake in Waterton National Park, mind you I only cast once. This time was different.

We woke up early. We rented a canoe from REI, with the PFDs and paddles. We went to the Smith's on 33rd South to get me a fishing pole and to buy fishing licenses for the year. My pole is pink. It lights up when I reel it in. Try not to be jealous.

We drove and drove.
We drove past my old home in Peoa (we even stopped and I showed him a couple of the 42 acres and the fish ponds up there.) We drove on and found ourselves at Smith and Morehouse. A very beautiful lake in the Uinta Mountains.

We unloaded his truck. We loaded the canoe and paddled off the shore into the open lake. Beautiful sky. Not a cloud in the sky. (okay, there was one small one) I loved the fresh air and nature. I loved the feeling of being exhausted after paddling and I just really love that Chase took the time to take me out for the day.

He taught me how to use a fishing rod.

I got it after a while and it turned out to be really fun. I had my iTouch, so I turned on the Walk The Line soundtrack. (It wasn't that loud because I had it in a ziplock in my zipped up purse that was wrapped around my ankle- so if we tipped over it may be safe... safer then if it was just out.)
After an hour or so, I decided that I'd give Chase my pole, so he could double fish. I got out a magazine put up my feet and relaxed in the sunshine. It was amazing. I could lay there forever, in a boat on a lake with my husband soaking up the rays. Doesn't get better.

We had gone out really far! Our paddle back to the shore was hard.  muscles are much bigger and better then mine, but I still worked diligently to get us home. I didn't want him to think I couldn't.

We got to shore. We got the very heavy canoe out of the water and over the rocks. We got it back on our truck. We drove home.

That was the end of our staycation!

Thank you Chase.

ps: i forgot to mention that we went deep sea fishing on our honeymoon... but that was also way different.