13 June 2009

no post in two weeks? lame.

I haven't felt like blogging, I've been pretty busy.

Chase's brother, Bryant got married to Stephanie last week. It was really awesome. I love going to sealings in the Temple. Especially when I'm sitting, holding hands with Chase. President Monson sealed them- so that was an extra little treat!

*Here is Me, Stephanie, Bryant - at their reception.

Because of the wedding, Chase's sister Alyssa, and her family, came to town. It's been so much fun playing with my nephews and holding my niece. They live in Texas, so I don't get to see them much. I hope they'll move back to Salt Lake- especially when I have kids too.

*This is me and Kai. He was super shy at first, but he's warmed up to me finally!

*This is Me, Jace and Scarlet at my house. Scarlet is just about the calmest baby ever, I love holding her and look at Jace's sweet smile! He's so darling.

Summer Break is here. I'm back to being a more-than-full-time nanny again. 7:30am - 5:30pm (roughly) - The boy I nanny is 8 and we have a lot of fun together... Though, I had a hard time this last week, I was exhausted and couldn't figure out what to do all day. I don't know how you mom's do it!

That's about all I'm going to say. More later.
Xoxo, Brittany

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The Walker Family said...

Ohhh, We miss you sooo much already. Thanks for being the best sister-in-law ever and spending so much time with us. xoxo