31 May 2009

tbo+jj=love in canada.

My sister, Tiffany, married Jimmy last week in Canada. (Where they live.) I was up there for a week and a couple days. It was fun to be with all my family that live up there. I had a great week! Here are just a couple pictures from the week:

This is Tiffany and Jimmy's house(where I stayed for a couple nights) - it's even more adorable inside.
These are the Favours for the guests at the Wedding. I was in charge of them. They turned out really nice I thought.

Me helping the Bride get ready- yes I was putting here earrings in for her while she curled her hair.
Chase arrived Thursday night- I'd been missing him so much the the week before that!
Chase and I played with the chop sticks a lot during the wedding dinner. They're just so fun.

Chase and I shared this hide-a-bed the first night he got here... in the morning the couch lifted up and squished me. Ridiculous! (Needless to say, we then got our own room with a king bed in it!)

Getting pedicures right before the shower- two days before the wedding. It was SO relaxing and wonderful, oops, my eyes were closed.
I stayed at my Grandma Hartley's house for the first couple nights I was in Canada- in Cardston. She has Alzhiemers, which is sad. One morning she came into my room at 6:30am and just started talking to me... it was random and annoying, but looking back it was a reaaly funny start to the day- oh I forgot to mention, the night before, she kept us up until 3:30am!!! Really.
Me, my mom, my sisters and sisters-in-law at the wedding:
Chrissy, Bethany, Janelle, Laurel, Brittany, Tiffany, Brooklyn & little Oliver.
Tiffany and Jimmy during the cerimony. It was so sweet to see Jimmy holding Tiffany's hand so tight as they were married.


amanda said...

i love the pic of you getting squished in the hide-a-bed. that's pretty hilarious. you and all of your sisters are so beautiful. looks like the wedding was really classy.

mom said...

love your blog.
grandma hartley just loved talking with you and you were adorable with her. thanks for loving her so well.
love the photos of canada.
it was so fun!