04 May 2009

my week away...

me + st. george + 2 sister + mother + 1 niece, 1 nephew = heaven

I'll give you the highlights of my trip.

After church, drove to St. George with my mom. (Brook & kids and Beth drove there together and we met there.)
Played with the kids.
Watched Celine Dion; Live in Vegas with everyone- sang our hearts out along with Celine.
Went to bed. I had a nice queen bed and a room to myself, very luxury.

Layed out and read at the pool all day.
Went shopping at the outlets all afternoon and night.

Drove to Zion National Park, about 30 minutes from us.
Had a picnic.
Hiked some.
Hung out.
Wished any of us had thought to bring a wallet, so we could have taken a horse ride.
Stopped at my great great grandpa's gravestone.
Brought home Cafe Rio to eat. Yum.
Did mani/pedi's and facials.

Me and Oliver drew chalk pictures on our back patio and had snacks out there.
Layed out for most of the day at the pool.
Went shopping again with my mom.
Ate dinner.
Mom and I watched Breakfast at Tiffany's - my favourite movie ever.

Cleaned the place up.
Beth, Brook & kids left.
Mom and I stopped at the St. George Temple and a candy shop.
We also stopped at a lavender garden and the Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival on the way to SLC.

We got home and I got to see Chase again! Hooray!


mom said...

love your blog. had no idea you were doing this. couldn't sleep so I happened to check this out. glad I did. well done! love you so much.

mom said...

thanks for staying up to watch a movie with me.
it was such a fun few days together.
love you