11 May 2009

Happy Mothers Day.

The 7 year old boy I nanny, came home from school with a poem like this one... His was better, Much Better.

My mother, Laurel Lee Hartley Olsen Finlinson, is just great.

I am the youngest of 6 and I was So attached to her- up until I was probably 10 I always wanted her to carry me around, we played The Button Game (she would hide buttons in the living room and i would find them), She took me on dates (to ToysR Us and buy me that long bubble gum tape), we'd go on bike rides and play in Fish Creek park, she'd come on field trips with my class and was always there for me!

Then I turned about 12... from then til about 18, for some reason all the sudden I realised I knew more and was smarter then her, she came up with these silly rules, like cleaning my room and doing chores and insist I did them. Strange. Through those times though, she was always there for me, when I was in the mood to talk or in the mood to let her re-do my room for me.

When Bethany left on her mission, it was just me and Mom at home. I would say we became best friends. (which to me sounds so stupid) But, it was really fun... a ton of the time, I would make us stand in front of a mirror and compare our faces. Whose lips we better? Whose nose was bigger? Whose eye brows were better trimmed? We shared everything too. She became like a sister, but better.
A mother.

Well, we both started dating(our now husbands) and it was really fun to be in the semi-same stage in life. We'd always compare Bruce and Chase and talk about our nights out (I now had to be the one calling HER at 2am, asking her why she wasn't home yet!)

We both got married in August, one week apart! *Me and My mom on HER wedding day. *Chase and Brittany and Laurel & Bruce (on my wedding day)

I moved out of her house for the first time in my life and only then did I realise how much I needed her. I called her constantly. I came over to her house, I made her grocery shop with me! Luckily we were still in the same ward, so we still went to Relief Society together (and I would constantly run to her house before Church and borrow her shoes, or dress, or jewelry(or all three!)

She moved to another neighborhood, I think it was good for me to stop being SO dependent on her...though I still do take all the leftovers after we leave her house from dinner.
*Mom and Me at the St. George Temple last week.

ps: My Aunt Gale wrote a bit about my Grandma- my mom's mom.
It can be read here on my Aunt's blog. *my mom, Laurel, with her mom, Lorraine.


mom said...

I love my mom, Lorraine. She has giggled her way through life. A coping mechanism that works for her and endears her to many. Aren't you so glad she came down for your wedding even though she missed it? Funny but so sweet that she gave it a try. This photo was taken at your wedding shower so she was able to meet your future family and be a part of you moving forward in your life. She was so thrilled to be with us that night! You have her same happy countenance and outlook on life. Yay for you!

Gale said...

You do have a great Mom and grandma. This was a sweet tribute. I am sure you will BE a great Mom one day!!

mom said...

ps:thanks brittany
I am the lucky one!
you are an amazing daughter...
see ya,
wouldn't want to be ya.