31 May 2009

tbo+jj=love in canada.

My sister, Tiffany, married Jimmy last week in Canada. (Where they live.) I was up there for a week and a couple days. It was fun to be with all my family that live up there. I had a great week! Here are just a couple pictures from the week:

This is Tiffany and Jimmy's house(where I stayed for a couple nights) - it's even more adorable inside.
These are the Favours for the guests at the Wedding. I was in charge of them. They turned out really nice I thought.

Me helping the Bride get ready- yes I was putting here earrings in for her while she curled her hair.
Chase arrived Thursday night- I'd been missing him so much the the week before that!
Chase and I played with the chop sticks a lot during the wedding dinner. They're just so fun.

Chase and I shared this hide-a-bed the first night he got here... in the morning the couch lifted up and squished me. Ridiculous! (Needless to say, we then got our own room with a king bed in it!)

Getting pedicures right before the shower- two days before the wedding. It was SO relaxing and wonderful, oops, my eyes were closed.
I stayed at my Grandma Hartley's house for the first couple nights I was in Canada- in Cardston. She has Alzhiemers, which is sad. One morning she came into my room at 6:30am and just started talking to me... it was random and annoying, but looking back it was a reaaly funny start to the day- oh I forgot to mention, the night before, she kept us up until 3:30am!!! Really.
Me, my mom, my sisters and sisters-in-law at the wedding:
Chrissy, Bethany, Janelle, Laurel, Brittany, Tiffany, Brooklyn & little Oliver.
Tiffany and Jimmy during the cerimony. It was so sweet to see Jimmy holding Tiffany's hand so tight as they were married.

19 May 2009

oh deer!

Waterton National Park is so much fun, also mostly when you are with a bunch of family.

The deer are so friendly! This trip I saw a little herd of deer laying by a building, I slowly went up to one- expecting it to run away. It didn't. I crouched by it. I touched it. I stroked it. He fell in love with me, and I, he.

He licked me. I kissed him. It was adorable.
Right now I am in Edmonton, staying at my sister's house with my other sisters. It's snowing. Her wedding is on Saturday. I can't wait.

Xoxo, Brittany

15 May 2009

going home... to canada...

I was born in Canada in 1986. I am a Canadian citizen. I moved to the United States in 2001. I became a resident of the United States in 2009. I am still a Canadian citizen.

I am so excited to go back to my place of birth, tomorrow!
I am going because my sister, Tiffany, is getting married to Jimmy, in Edmonton, Alberta on May 23. My whole family will be together again. Last time was in August, at my wedding.
Last time I was in Canada was also in August, right before my wedding.

I have some pictures of me in Canada, in the summer of 2007- these are pictures in Waterton, the Canadian side of Glacier.

The Rocky Mountains are behind me, SO pretty!
I snuck up to the deer, that are all over the place in Waterton. I didn't get a picture, but the baby deer came up to me and let me pet him and he licked me! Kinda nasty, but kinda cute. Another deer story from last August, when I went to Canada with Chase. I was holding a bag with some Canadian chocolates(way better then the US), and a deer started to follow us. I think he was smelling the yummy chocolates... then the deer started charging at me! This deer had antlers, and it was scary and funny. He'd just kinda come up and butt me with them- it didn't hurt until he would ram me, then twist me with his antlers and I almost fell down! haha... Chase wanted a turn, so I gave him the bag, and sure enough the deer did the same thing to him!
We stopped when this man yelled at us to leave the deer alone(we had a big crowd watching).
Gosh, the deer came to us!

This last picture is me and Dad. He still lives in Calgary, in the house I grew up in. But this picture is on a ferry in Waterton. (the baby is Oliver, Brooklyn's boy)

Well, I'm going to have a blast this week. I'll be home next Tuesday!


11 May 2009

Happy Mothers Day.

The 7 year old boy I nanny, came home from school with a poem like this one... His was better, Much Better.

My mother, Laurel Lee Hartley Olsen Finlinson, is just great.

I am the youngest of 6 and I was So attached to her- up until I was probably 10 I always wanted her to carry me around, we played The Button Game (she would hide buttons in the living room and i would find them), She took me on dates (to ToysR Us and buy me that long bubble gum tape), we'd go on bike rides and play in Fish Creek park, she'd come on field trips with my class and was always there for me!

Then I turned about 12... from then til about 18, for some reason all the sudden I realised I knew more and was smarter then her, she came up with these silly rules, like cleaning my room and doing chores and insist I did them. Strange. Through those times though, she was always there for me, when I was in the mood to talk or in the mood to let her re-do my room for me.

When Bethany left on her mission, it was just me and Mom at home. I would say we became best friends. (which to me sounds so stupid) But, it was really fun... a ton of the time, I would make us stand in front of a mirror and compare our faces. Whose lips we better? Whose nose was bigger? Whose eye brows were better trimmed? We shared everything too. She became like a sister, but better.
A mother.

Well, we both started dating(our now husbands) and it was really fun to be in the semi-same stage in life. We'd always compare Bruce and Chase and talk about our nights out (I now had to be the one calling HER at 2am, asking her why she wasn't home yet!)

We both got married in August, one week apart! *Me and My mom on HER wedding day. *Chase and Brittany and Laurel & Bruce (on my wedding day)

I moved out of her house for the first time in my life and only then did I realise how much I needed her. I called her constantly. I came over to her house, I made her grocery shop with me! Luckily we were still in the same ward, so we still went to Relief Society together (and I would constantly run to her house before Church and borrow her shoes, or dress, or jewelry(or all three!)

She moved to another neighborhood, I think it was good for me to stop being SO dependent on her...though I still do take all the leftovers after we leave her house from dinner.
*Mom and Me at the St. George Temple last week.

ps: My Aunt Gale wrote a bit about my Grandma- my mom's mom.
It can be read here on my Aunt's blog. *my mom, Laurel, with her mom, Lorraine.

04 May 2009

my week away...

me + st. george + 2 sister + mother + 1 niece, 1 nephew = heaven

I'll give you the highlights of my trip.

After church, drove to St. George with my mom. (Brook & kids and Beth drove there together and we met there.)
Played with the kids.
Watched Celine Dion; Live in Vegas with everyone- sang our hearts out along with Celine.
Went to bed. I had a nice queen bed and a room to myself, very luxury.

Layed out and read at the pool all day.
Went shopping at the outlets all afternoon and night.

Drove to Zion National Park, about 30 minutes from us.
Had a picnic.
Hiked some.
Hung out.
Wished any of us had thought to bring a wallet, so we could have taken a horse ride.
Stopped at my great great grandpa's gravestone.
Brought home Cafe Rio to eat. Yum.
Did mani/pedi's and facials.

Me and Oliver drew chalk pictures on our back patio and had snacks out there.
Layed out for most of the day at the pool.
Went shopping again with my mom.
Ate dinner.
Mom and I watched Breakfast at Tiffany's - my favourite movie ever.

Cleaned the place up.
Beth, Brook & kids left.
Mom and I stopped at the St. George Temple and a candy shop.
We also stopped at a lavender garden and the Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival on the way to SLC.

We got home and I got to see Chase again! Hooray!

01 May 2009

i'm back in town...

Oh the wonderful week I had!

My sister, Brooklyn, invited us girls(Mom, sis-Bethany & me) to stay with her and her two kids in a condo in St. George.

It was lovely.

We layed out by the pool, watched movies, did facials, manicures, pedicures, hiked at Zions, went shopping, read books and magazines, played with Oliver and Eleanor and I ate healthy all weekend which felt great!

I missed Chase the whole time.

Pictures to come soon.