21 April 2009

the utah jazz

Our neighbor gave me and Chase tickets to a Jazz game. We had row 13 seat... I think before that night, the closest I'd been is up in the nosebleed! Not that I've been a ton anyway.

(one exception- the Ladies Ensemble, that I was in in 2004, got the chance to sing the national anthem to start off the game. It was really fun! And they gave us tickets for the game at the very top of the lower bowl.)

Chase is an avid Jazz fan, so it was extra special for him. Even though the Jazz lost, it was a great game.
Chase even caught a shirt for me- one that was parachuted down from the ceiling. It was all crumpled into a ball, so when I put it on, it was itchy and kinda gross.
I wore it for a while before I told Chase he could wear it.

I love the trees at the Energy Solutions arena. They are beautiful this time of year.

Xoxo, Brittany

ps: after the game, we went exit to exit collecting the free taco coupons they were handing out. haha.

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Andrew said...

Go Jazz! (Said like "Steve Holt!")