07 April 2009

Things I want to remember about Conference:

I loved conference this year! (As I always do)
I'm really good in the morning, but I seemed to fall asleep half-way through the afternoon sessions. Oops.
Here are some points and impressions I had from some of the talks that I'd like to share, and just for myself to remember.
It's so great to know that the people who spoke were inspired from God to know what to say, and that God cares so much for us that he will send his Apostles and Prophets to direct us and help us continue on the path.

Here are some things that stood out to me:(nothing is a direct quote)

Robert D. Hales
Joyfully live with what you have.
Control your wants...want more than anything to do the will of God.
Provide for yourself and your family.
Say "No" if you want it but cannot afford it.
Say "No" if you can afford it, but do not need it.
Continue to pay your tithing and fast offerings.

Margaret S. Lifferth
Act reverent always- school, work, home, even sporting events to be an example to those strangers, children and family around us.
Reverence brings forth revelation.
Don't text, email, play games, or be loud in church!

D. Todd Christofferson
Keep all the covenants you make, and God will help you through all your trials.
Through baptism, we take upon ourselves Christs name. Live accordingly.

Henry B. Eyring
Give of our time to those people that are in need.
Pray to be guided to those people, they may not be the ones we expect.
If we do all that God has intended us to do, we will die happy.

M. Russel Ballard
If you don't remember that past, you are doomed to repeat it.
You will have a great, successful, happy life in the future, if you look to the past for understanding.

Quentin L. Cook
Live so people who don't know about our faith will want to know more.
If you are living incorrectly, you will cause those people to be confused about what we believe.
Respect everyone in and out of the Church.

I was listening on the radio at this point, and so I don't know who gave this talk- it was Saturday afternoon, the talk before Elder Scott.

He quoted Howard W. Hunter saying,
If we base our life on gospel teachings, nothing can go permanently wrong.
If we base our life on the world, nothing can go permanently right.

Richard G. Scott
On going to the temple:
Set a specific time to go and establish a goal of how many times you'll go.
Learn and understand the doctrine of temple ordinances.
Pray to have a good experience.
Listen carefully to each ordinance.
Be mindful of the person you are doing the work for.
Do sealings, to remind you of your own.

Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Live Christ's teachings and you will always have the light of Christ.
Get off the couch and become a real disciple of Christ.

Neil L. Anderson
Newest ordained Apostle to the Quorum of the Twelve.
He is humbled and knows he is not the man that he needs to become.
We are not alone in following Christ.

Jeffrey R. Holland
Don't feel alone, we have Christs companionship, always.

President Thomas S. Monson
Don't focus on your trials and hardships, focus on your blessings and joys.
Make the gospel the center of your life.

Dallin H. Oaks
Set aside personal convenience for selfless service.
Be proactive in Church by welcoming people.
Wanting something for nothing is contrary to the gospel.
We are in a ME generation, don't be a part of that.

David A. Bednar
There is a big difference between active members of the church who occasionally rush through the the temple and those who continuously and diligently go worship in the temple.

Well there you have it... just a few of my notes from this conference. If you watched or heard it, you should share yours as well.
Another great thing about this conference weekend is that my cousins, the Remingtons (Carol, Leah& Ryan, Jordan, Tim, Jonny and Katelyn) were in town! We grew up in the same neighborhood and I love them all!

Xoxo, Brittany Anne.

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