01 April 2009

My Craving:

Last night, Chase and I watched "Chocolat" - I simply love that movie. I think Juliette Binoche is so pretty and just an amazing actress, she inspires me.

The movie is about a woman and her daughter who move into a small, very conservative french town. She opens a chocolate shop. They Mayor tries to run her out of town, because she doesn't fit in, by forcing the Priest of the local church to tell the people to not give into temptations(the chocolates, i guess?).

She helps an abused woman become independant. She helps a grandmother reunite with her young grandson. She accepts the river floaters, one of which is Johnny Depp.

Finally the Mayor realizes that he needs to be as Christ was when he was on earth. Accepting and loving of all, instead of being self-righteous and looking down on others. I just really enoyed the overall theme of the movie.

And seeing all that rich, luxe, creamy chocolate made me crave that delicious taste.

So, naturally, at 11:45pm, I ran to Albertsons, and bought some Ghirardelli Squares, White Chocolate with Vanilla Bean. I also bought these beautiful white flowers because I wanted my home to be more beautiful.

It was a wonderful night!

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Lizzy said...

Britt, I absolutely love that movie! It is so romantic. And I love Juliette Binoche's french accent. And that chocolate looks absolutely amazing... was it??