13 April 2009

i've been both...

Would you rather be not recognized because you've gained so much weight or lost so much weight?

i've been both.

I was an adorable little baby.
But growing up I was always a fat little girl, then a fat big girl...

In college, I slowly lost weight, then I had a major drive and I got down to 130 pounds. I was skinnier then my sister Bethany! This is a picture of me when I worked at the College Bookstore.

I met Chase when I was very thin. This is the night we met.One time when he was over, he saw a sibling picture of me at my sister's wedding. He asked why I wasn't in it. Mind you, he hadn't met all my siblings yet, but still. I told him I was & pointed to me. He just laughed and thought I was kidding... nope.

He often, when I show him a picture of when I was younger, won't know it's me!
Well since I got married, I didn't stay that thin. At all. This is us at New Years.

Last week I found a really pretty picture of me. I was tan and thin and just looked my best. I brought it to him and said, "Don't you love this picture?" His reply, "Who is it?"... I guess now he's forgotten what I looked like when we met, because he couldn't even tell it was me. (If I had a scanner, I'd show you the exact picture, but I don't, so you'll just have to know it was around the same time as this picture below.)
Do I really change THAT much that I am not recognizable? Is that normal? Does anyone else change so much?!

Xoxo, Brittany

ps: this post is supposed to be a funny post about how my looks change so much. it's not a negative blog about my weight. i like my weight and thank you for the compliments on my looks. i am pretty hot, aren't i?


leslie s said...

First you have always been beautiful!! And second most guys really don't notice the changes we women go through (both good and bad)! It can be a good thing when you feel like you have gained a few lbs, and they don't even notice(YAY!), but a bad thing when you have just changed your hairstyle or something, and really need a reassuring word! :)Silly guys!

Tom And Hailee said...

You look beautiful no matter what!!

Amanda said...
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amanda said...

I know this is really random, but we were in Gamma together for like a semester. I found your blog through McKensie's. I just thought I should let you know that I think you look like a freakin' supermodel in all your adult pictures. So don't even get down on yourself. :)

(sorry, posted with the wrong profile the first time)

Dan and Lauren said...

Hey Brittany this is Lauren!! Your look gorgeous in all of your pictures! You have a beautiful face. It was so fun to see you at Abigail's shower. I hope everything is going well!

Dan and Lauren said...

P.S. I can't spell, sorry. I meant to say "you" look gorgeous, not "your."

The Walker Family said...

Brittany notice there are no pics. of me on my blog right now??? Every time I get prego I gain anywhere from 4o-70lbs and yes, I am only 5'1. It is completely normal to fluctuate...it means you're human. I love that you are my sister-in-law and I have always been in awe at how beautiful you are inside and out. And yes, I can relate to the fluctuation. Miss you!!