16 April 2009

hope you had a hoppy easter

My first Easter being married! Which also means my first Easter to act out Bunny. It was a lot of fun, though I didn't really do a ton for Chase.

I got some of those silly plastic eggs and filled them with candies and hid them all over in our dining room. I made Chase a card. I pulled put a giant bunny my dad gave me 9 years ago and sat him on our table. I also bought him a little sugar dish- a bird sitting on a grapefruit. Then I made poppy seed muffins and woke him up for his goodies.

He loved it all.

After church we went to his parents house for a delicious ham dinner. It was really fun to hang out with them all- I've come to really love their family. Next we went up to my mom's house for dessert and to my family and some cousins that were over. I really love family gatherings.

My favourite part was all chocolates that were oh so scrumptious!
Xoxo, Brittany

ps: pictures to come soon.


brooklyn said...

you bought him a sugar dish, or you bought you a sugar dish?

Brittany Anne Nielsen said...

Chase loves to put sugar on his cereal, so I wanted to give him a sugar bowl ... And it just happened that Anthropologie had an adorable dish!

Anonymous said...

looks like so much fun!