26 March 2009

My updates:

I made a goal at the beggining of the year to blog at least 3 times a month.
It's the end of the month and I'm finally doing my first post for March. Oops...

I'll just give a few updates.

My dear friend, Sarah DeLaMare Bauer's little 8 month old baby boy passed away, which was very sad. He had been having heart problems and it wasn't entirely unexpected, but it was too soon and my heart goes out to her. This is a picture of the girls that day minus Michelle- who was our of town.

On a lighter note, I made St. Patricks Day green cupcakes. They were delicious and I had a wonderful time making them- they turned out not that green- more pukish color. Chase loved them though, and that was my goal. This picture is before I mixed everything up. I had thought I bought green dye, but instead I bought green writing icing... haha, but I still just dumped the entire thing in there... haha.

Speaking of my New Years goals, an update on those.

I have an appointment for my green card on April 23. Yay.
I'm still saving for that MacBook (but I did get the iPod Touch to suffice for now.)
I've been to the temple 3 times, but it hasn't been monthly. :(
I've reduced my calorie intake, but it's still too high.
I bet I've been to the gym 3-5 times this year at least. Haha...
I've lost 8 pounds.
The RS President switched up the Visiting Teaching in January, and my name got lost in the shuffle... finally last week she assigned me with someone and gave me people to teach. I'm going Monday morning, and I will continue to be dilligent.
I've improved, but still need to improve my homemaking skills.

Xoxo, Brittany
ps: Here are the finished cupcakes. We ate the dessert before dinner that night. (Notice they aren't THAT green)


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness I am so sad and depressed now hearing about Sarahs little boy! It Breaks my heart! She will be in my prayers!
P.S. LOVE the cupcakes! :)

Jeni said...

Those cupcakes look....yummy??? :)