31 March 2009

My Touch:

Have you ever written a post on your iTouch? I have. Just once, right now.
It's the same as writing on your iPhone I guess.
This keyboard is tiny but I've gotten so much better at typing correctly on it.

Today is the last day of March. This is why I'm writing another post. I gotta keep up the 3 posts a month goal. I sure do not like the snow right now! I love the snow in December. But when the month of April starts out with SNOW on the ground? That's when I do not enjoy it.

I want to go somewhere warm! A beach, lake, even layig by a pool would be nice if it was asunny hot day and I had no worries... Is anyone willing pay for me to to go somewhere like that? Perhaps if you live in a nice spot, I could even come visit you!

Let me know, I'm desperate!
Xoxo, Brittany


Jeni said...

I will go with you. I hate this weather. And, just like you I love my iPod Touch.

JJ Olsen said...

Ha ha ha. I live somewhere where it's always summer! I do not miss the snow.

kailee said...

hi!!! your blog is really cute. I think lex mentioned once about you. I LOVE to write posts on my iphone and then save them to add pics later. talking about warm...count me in!!! I live in Alaska so I'm so over the cold.