30 March 2009

My girls:

Senior year in High School, I became "best friends" with 4 girls. I'd say we were all very different and looking back it seems random that the 5 of us came together. But we did, and we had so many hilarious and awesome moments together.
Here is a picture of us in the Airport coming home from our Choir Trip to LA, senior year. (despite what the date on the picture says, it really wasn't 1998- it was 2004)
Andrea Romney, Lizzy Patton, Brittany Olsen, Sarah DeLaMare, Michelle Sorenson

After High School, Del and I went to LDS Business College & Ange, Liz and Shell went to BYU. I would drive down to Provo in my ghetto grey mini van (who's drivers door wouldn't close all the way) to visit the three down there.
Del got married in June 2005! To Jared Bauer... making her, Mrs. Sarah Bauer! This is a picture of the other 4 of us at her wedding.

Lizzy was next to get married... She married Jason Allen, making her Mrs. Elizabeth Allen - I love that name. She was married in May 2007.
This is a picture of us other 4 at the temple grounds right after she was married.

I was next to get married, to Chase Nielsen! I know it's sad, but this just might be the only picture I have with the girls. (Michelle was on a mission when I got married.) Anyone have a better one? Haha.

On Saturday, I went with "the girls," to get Pedicures and go to lunch at Chilies- which is "our" spot. Whenever we go to lunch we go to Chilies. It was nice to relax with them and get the updates in their lives.

Here are our toes, and then us in the chilies parking lot.

Lizzy is starting the Pharmacy program at the UofU this fall. Andrea Romney just became an RN and started working at Primary Children's last week. Sarah Bauer is a wonderful mother and will be moving to Idaho in the fall. Michelle Sorenson just got back from a mission in Brasil and is finishing her Nursing degree at BYU. Me? I'm nannying and being a wonderful wife.

Xoxo, B


Anonymous said...

That is such a cute post!! How fun to still be so close!!

Jeni said...

Sounds like fun. How funny I live one block away from there.