14 February 2009

My Valentines Day Cookies:

Valentines Day is no fun if I haven't made sugar cookies prior to it.

Last year I was far more creative with the cookies I made. I wanted Chase to know I was very domestic and could make anything. (even though, my mom REALLY helped me out, a lot.) I made the cookies and icing from scratch, and decorated millions of them, because I was giving them to a bunch of people... and I sure spent far too long doing it all... yes, I made little people and a large heart and even a kitten for Chase. (In the picture, it's that little to the right of the girl.) I still think that part was awesome. This picture was from last year...

This year, I took an easier route and I had help! Me and Lexi went to buy a sugar cookie mix, where all you do is add an egg and water... we rolled the dough into little balls, plopped them on a pan and cooked them for 7 minutes. They turned out perfect.

We made some icing, got out the little red cinnamon candies & pink sprinkles and we decorated the night away.... while we watched Nights of Rodanthe.

It's a Nicholas Sparks book that we both had read - so we wanted to watch the movie version. I just read the book last week, so the movie bugged me WAY too much. I just kept commenting on how many things they changed from the book, there were major plot lines that were completely left out. I don't recommend the movie, unless you like Richard Gere and like depressing endings.

It was a fun night though, and I love eating my yummy cookies.

Happy Valentines Day!

ps: I have a couple pictures, but I'll post them later because I can't find my camera cord.


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Anonymous said...

Amen! We rented that movie this weekend also, and I did not enjoy the experience. Doesn't help that I am not a Richard Gere fan I guess. Happy V-day Britt!