28 February 2009

Our outings...

For Valentines Day, Chase took me to Rino's, a little Italian restaurant near our house. It was so yummy! He also brought me home roses and chocolates! Yummy!!! Last but not least, he bought me these beautiful pearl drop earrings... He's so sweet and I'm not sure how, but he always picks me out the most beautiful jewelry!

Last week, we went to Celine Dion! Oh she was amazing. I saw her Vegas show in November 2005 too. The Vegas show was much more of a production, but she was still great. I love her. At one point in the concert, she looked out to the audience, kissed her thumb and then stuck her arm and thumb out (like a thumbs up), then she bent her thumb down as she winked. Haha, I loved it. I'm doing that from now on instead of blowing kisses.

Last of all, happy birthday to those people who don't get a day to celebrate this year. (February 29th Birthdays)

Xoxo, Brittany
Ps: to see the thumb kiss, watch this video. it's at the very end, around 2:35... it's not the concert I went to, but similar.

20 February 2009

My Pill Pounds:

I went to the gym today. It was a good gym day. I hadn't been in a while.

When I walked in, I saw the sweetest couple on treadmills beside each other. They looked 70+. The lady had perfect hair, dark sunglasses on, bright red lipstick, lots of jewelry and a matching black work out suit on. The gentleman had on kahkis, a nice crisp blue button up shirt and an iPod.

It was so sweet to see them staying fit together, in style! I am going to be like that when I am that age. Who wouldn't want to wear huge dark sunglasses at the gym?

I also ran into a friend. We don't know each other well and we just recently met. We were talking about our weight. She told me that ever since she has kids, she feels like she's turned into Cruela Deville with her skinny flabby body. I told her that I gained too much weight since I got married, which I think was caused from birth control. She told me I looked really pretty with or without my extra weight. That made me feel good. As she was walking away, she said, "Well, Good luck losing your Pill Pounds!" I don't know why, but I just loved that she called it "pill pounds". I'm refering to my weight that way from now on...

14 February 2009

My Valentines Day Cookies:

Valentines Day is no fun if I haven't made sugar cookies prior to it.

Last year I was far more creative with the cookies I made. I wanted Chase to know I was very domestic and could make anything. (even though, my mom REALLY helped me out, a lot.) I made the cookies and icing from scratch, and decorated millions of them, because I was giving them to a bunch of people... and I sure spent far too long doing it all... yes, I made little people and a large heart and even a kitten for Chase. (In the picture, it's that little to the right of the girl.) I still think that part was awesome. This picture was from last year...

This year, I took an easier route and I had help! Me and Lexi went to buy a sugar cookie mix, where all you do is add an egg and water... we rolled the dough into little balls, plopped them on a pan and cooked them for 7 minutes. They turned out perfect.

We made some icing, got out the little red cinnamon candies & pink sprinkles and we decorated the night away.... while we watched Nights of Rodanthe.

It's a Nicholas Sparks book that we both had read - so we wanted to watch the movie version. I just read the book last week, so the movie bugged me WAY too much. I just kept commenting on how many things they changed from the book, there were major plot lines that were completely left out. I don't recommend the movie, unless you like Richard Gere and like depressing endings.

It was a fun night though, and I love eating my yummy cookies.

Happy Valentines Day!

ps: I have a couple pictures, but I'll post them later because I can't find my camera cord.