21 January 2009

Our iPod Touch:

Well, we don't have an extra 1500 dollars for a new MacBook... but we do(well not anymore) have 250 for an iPod touch! I've wanted one for a long time and two days ago, Chase bought me one. He's so sweet. (We are still saving to get me a laptop- it just won't be as soon as I hoped now.)

App's: My favourite thing ever. I didn't even realize how awesome this thing was until I got it and started playing with it. Apple has won my heart! *and taken all my money* It's now my 3rd iPod. Pathetic, I know.

Things that I have become addicted to now: Crosswords, reading The Secret Garden, crosswords, writing "notes" to myself, crosswords, pretending William Wallace is calling me to trick Chase, crosswords, looking at the few pictures I have on there, crosswords, trying to score 300 on bowling(like Chase did), crosswords, entering in my calories and exercise after I eat or do anything, and you guessed it... doing more crossword puzzles.

I hate them. At least I hated them last week. My mom (and family) has started doing them lately to stretch and exercise her brain, to prevent or postpone getting Alzheimer's. My Grandma has it and I guess it runs in the family.
Anyway- I just downloaded the free ones (so I, too, can act like doing them will prevent me from starting to forget things). I'm almost out of the free ones- it's horrible, because I promised myself that I would not buy any applications. I should slow down....

The crosswords are calling me, I must go!
Xoxo, Brittany

p.s. : just in case you were curious, i suck at doing them! i'm beyond the worst, and yet i'm trapped loving it. gah!


Jeni said...

I got an iPod Touch for Christmas! I LOVE IT! love, love, love, love, love, love!!! I should download some Crossword puzzles. I did buy three games. A trivia game, sim city, and rolando. They are fun!

janelle said...

oooh lucky! i wanna see it!

mel said...

So, the other day Kara and I were sitting in our Autocad class at school and I was going through my files on my school drive and I found a love note from you that you made on word. Kara and I had a good laugh and rememered that good times in that English class. Thanks for the entertainment even 2 years later.

MandiScandal said...


I go to this gym downtown two blocks from where I work, Planet Fitness. I have a few coworkers that go there and it makes it so that there is no excuse not to go. I can go before work, after work, or on a lunch break. It has been good!

Also, freak....William Wallace calls my name 500 times a day and I hate it... but then again... that is the name of my boss. At first I thought you were talking about him and I was confused but then I remembered there is some movie where that is the character's name (Braveheart I think?) and I figured that is what you were talking about instead!You really threw me for a loop for a second. Too funny!