21 January 2009

Our life through pictures:

I have a few pictures that I'll write about to update you on a few things that have been going on in my life. They are all random, but pictures I love. Enjoy.

Can I just say that I love my nephew Oliver! He is the funniest little fella. Some days he will call me his best friend and never stop snuggling and hugging and kissing me. Some days he will glare at me and punch me and yell "Stop Talking!" if I try to say anything to his mom. Because of the latter, it makes me appreciate the times when he is my best friend.

This picture is when we went out to play in the snow together one afternoon. I love his little snowsuit and sweet smile.

Chase, as it states in the top introduction, plows snow in the winter. He has two trucks. A little white Tacoma, and this huge, monster, extended, slightly lifted, blue, diesel truck. On top of it being huge, He has a plow on the front and a salter on the back. (Making it impossible to tow without a semi truck! Seriously, we had to get it towed once and the truck was bigger then the tow truck that came- he had to fix it on the spot instead)

Anyway, I drove it for the first time a few weeks ago! Scary as heck. Fun as heck. He even let me plow the snow banks in front of my mom's house!

I am so hard core!

Andrea, Michelle, Brittany, Sarah (del) & Lizzy at my house.
Senior year in high school, I somehow became "best friends" with these four girls. Since then, I've always classified them as my "best friends"- which is funny, because at times I won't see them for months and months at a time. I invited them for a Christmas/New Years dinner, as I've done for the last few years, and it was so much fun to catch up! (Especially because Michelle had just got home from her mission in Brasil.)

Three of us are now married, Del even has two kids. They were all bridesmaids (Michelle being honourary, because she was absent) and I love them.

Speaking of bridesmaids... I was one. It was fun because I'd never been part of a traditional wedding before. I got to walk down the isle before the bride (a best friend of mine from college) and stand at the front. I even got to wear a purple dress with poofy sleves! It was a fun day, probably more so for Josh and Anays, because it was their wedding day.

On the subject of weddings, my sister, Bethany's BFF, Alisa, is getting married at the end of this month in the London Temple. This is at her reception in Salt Lake. I loved the lace on her dress and I love that she married Euan. A scot. A true Scot. They will be living in Scotland and I miss her. Probably not as much as Bethany... who I think is making plans to go visit her there.

The last of my pictures. Me winning Monopoly. I own three whole sides of the board and those little red hotels? Mine. I've never succeeded this much at this game. It is Chase's favourite game and over the holidays that is all he'd want to do. I never really played it- but one night my brother-in-law, Ned, had to leave soon after they started playing, so I took his stead. And I rocked. I think people gave me extra good deals because they thought I would just lose big time, but alas- I WON! I haven't played since, though I gave it to Chase for Christmas, so I am sure I'll be playing it soon enough.

Well, that's a glimpse into my life through some random pictures.


Our iPod Touch:

Well, we don't have an extra 1500 dollars for a new MacBook... but we do(well not anymore) have 250 for an iPod touch! I've wanted one for a long time and two days ago, Chase bought me one. He's so sweet. (We are still saving to get me a laptop- it just won't be as soon as I hoped now.)

App's: My favourite thing ever. I didn't even realize how awesome this thing was until I got it and started playing with it. Apple has won my heart! *and taken all my money* It's now my 3rd iPod. Pathetic, I know.

Things that I have become addicted to now: Crosswords, reading The Secret Garden, crosswords, writing "notes" to myself, crosswords, pretending William Wallace is calling me to trick Chase, crosswords, looking at the few pictures I have on there, crosswords, trying to score 300 on bowling(like Chase did), crosswords, entering in my calories and exercise after I eat or do anything, and you guessed it... doing more crossword puzzles.

I hate them. At least I hated them last week. My mom (and family) has started doing them lately to stretch and exercise her brain, to prevent or postpone getting Alzheimer's. My Grandma has it and I guess it runs in the family.
Anyway- I just downloaded the free ones (so I, too, can act like doing them will prevent me from starting to forget things). I'm almost out of the free ones- it's horrible, because I promised myself that I would not buy any applications. I should slow down....

The crosswords are calling me, I must go!
Xoxo, Brittany

p.s. : just in case you were curious, i suck at doing them! i'm beyond the worst, and yet i'm trapped loving it. gah!

03 January 2009

Our New Years Eve:

On New Years Eve we went to a Thai resteraunt and then dancing at the MAC(Murray Arts Centre). The whole family went to Thai Siam together to eat and then we all (minus Andrew & Janelle, who went to run a 5K.) went dancing.

There were a lot of really cute old people there, dressed up SO fancy! I am sure that I was the youngest one there. Chase and I brought mini Martinelli's for everyone to drink when it turned Midnight, I loved that.

Besides having so much fun always, I just love bringing in the new year. It's rejuvinating. I love maknig goals and feeling like I can start fresh with so many things. This year I have many goals. I've decided to write them in my blog, because that way at the end of the year I can really remember what they were and you can all hold me accountable!

Here are my goals for 2009:

1. Blog at least 3 times a month.

2. Get a greencard before May.

3. Buy a new MacBook to replace my broken one.

4. Go to the temple at least monthly.

5. Count all the(and reduce the ammount of) Calories I eat.

6. Go to the gym 3-5 times a week.
7. Lose 30 pounds. (hopfully that will be the result of 5 and 6.) I want to lose the 30lbs I gained in 2008 and also the same 30 I lost in 2007, hah.

8. Never miss a month of visiting teaching.

9. and an overall goal, of just being a better housewife.

I wish you the best of luck with your new years goals!
What are they...?