23 December 2009

Merry Christmas; from our home to yours.

My sister, Brooklyn is a photographer. She recently started and has recently become very talented. It's so fun to have her in my family because do you know what that means for me? Good quality photos of me and my man. We did the photoshoot in our backyard, front yard, porch, in the home and in the driveway.

I love the way our pictures turned out. I can't believe how great of a yard we had- it made for some wonderful backgrounds.

I'm going to try to do a photoshoot with Chase every year. (and eventually with our kids) Last year it was our wedding photos. This year it was Winter wonderland photos, taken by my sissy.

Here they are! Enjoy looking at us.
Xoxo, Brittany

01 December 2009

lighting of the lights at temple square.

happy december first.

I went to Temple Square the day after Thanksgiving with Mom, Bruce, Grandma, Bethany and Chase.
It was the day they officially turned the Christmas lights on for the season.

I've seen the lights down there basically every year, but they never cease to amaze me. I truely cannot believe how many little light bulbs there are. (This year they used a lot of LED lights, with hopes to switch them all out within the next couple years... just a little useless fact.)

We went all over, in the visitor centers, in the tabernacle, into the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and all over the grounds. I'm not going to caption each picture because they are pretty self-explanitory.

I'm sure in the mood for Christmas now!!!
Xoxo, Brittany

21 November 2009

a month with no posts.

I wish I would have been writing posts this last month. You've been missing a lot.

I turned 23. I had a tea part with my friends Michelle and Andrea in the morning. I went to a funeral for a dear friend in the late morning. I napped in the afternoon. Then I celebrated with my family that night and got a lot of really fun presents. THANK YOU!!
The funeral: Jim Pearce passed away the week before my birthday. He had been diagnosed with ALS last November. He was only 69 years old. He deserves ten blog posts about his wonderful life and the influence he and his wife had on me but I'll spare you. Suffice to say, he was my second father. Here we were celebrating his 69th birthday, with a UK theme.

The last month of school has been fun. We have really been working on facials, manicures and pedicures a lot- trying to perfect them. I've been told I give good facials, but I know I need work on the massage part of the mani/pedi's. We still are waxing and I got my chin, upper lip, cheeks, eye brows and ears waxed last week! It kills. This upcoming week we are starting to work on real clients. That will be interesting.

I quit my job at Banana Republic. I didn't really enjoy it. I had to work until 11:30 some nights. (I'm still nannying the 8 year old at 7:30 every morning.) And with the holidays coming up, I was going to have to work a lot. It just wasn't worth it. Chase came in to see me on my last day. He's so sweet. We took pictures of me leaving the house before my last shift & also after the shift, outside the store.

Another big thing is that my grandma is visiting, with the chance of staying. She has Alzheimer's. There is a drug study being done here that she's seeing if she can participate in. If yes, she will be living with Mom and Bruce for the next year and a half. It's really hard to care for someone with Alzheimer's. She needs a lot of constant attention and cannot do a lot of things she used to be able to. She tells the story of how she walked here from Canada- all the time. It's so funny. I've been reading a lot about the disease and I'm excited to spend time with her. This last week I have been taking her for a few hours most days, so my mom can get the things done she needs to. It's been fun. Chase is really good with her too. It's so sweet to see. I gave her a manicure.

Much more has happened over the last month I'm sure, but that's all for today.
Xoxo, Brittany.

ps: I'm really excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

23 October 2009

in 7 days, i will be 23.

I'm excited for my birthday, one week from today I'll be 23. I like that age better then 22.
My birthday is the day before halloween. In Canada, we write, Hallowe'en. Lot's of little things are different across the boarder. In fact, my sister wrote a BLOG about it on Canadian Thanksgiving. I don't know what to do for my birthday, or what to want.

I'm excited for Thanksgiving here. Rumor has it that my brother's family is coming to visit. They stayed with my mom for about a month this summer, it was so much fun to play with my nieces so much. I'll have to write about my summer soon. it's just that my pictu
res are so scattered from computer to computer. I need to be more organized with them.

Halloween is coming soon and I have no costumes.
Xoxo, Brittany.

ps: I wouldn't mind getting a bike for my birthday. A little while ago, Chase and I went on a bike ride downtown by the capital and through the Avenues down to Memory Grove park. It was really really fun. We borrowed bikes, because we both don't have a bike. Perhaps it would be better to get a bike in the spring though. Plus, if I get a bike, Chase would have to get a bike too- no point in just one of us having one, right?

13 October 2009

chase is perfect.


It's windy today. I found a ladder and a post from our fence in our driveway! I didn't move them. I hope Chase sees them and moves them when he gets home. I am making salmon for dinner tonight. I'm excited. I don't know when Chase will be home though. I haven't made a decent dinner for Chase in a long time, but I love Chase and he's really good to me, so I want to make him a nice dinner. He usually is the one doing nice things for me. He does the laundry and the dishes. He'll leave in the middle of sacrament meeting to get me a sweater because I'm freezing. He makes us money so we can live. He made me taco soup on Sunday. He sets out vitamins for me every single morning. He let's me practice facials on him, even when his face burns from the mask. He let's me put my cold feet on his warm feet when we snuggle. He keeps us organized and the house clean.
I love him, and he loves me too.


06 October 2009

forget the format, i'll just update.

I'm just going to jot down a few things to give you an update on me.
I still nanny. I only work an hour each morning, my duties: Wake him up, feed him breakfast, make sure he gets dressed and brushes his teeth, pack him a lunch, drive him to school.

I got a job at Banana Republic. I get 50% off anything I want. I still haven't bought anything and Chase is so proud of me. It's really hard to not want to just buy buy buy up everything in there... I'm going to have a hard time at Christmas, trying to not buy presents for everyone. I lov
e buying presents and I am so excited for Christmas!

In class we have to practice everything on each other. Aka, I had to and have to continue to let people wax my arms, underarms, legs, bikini line, eye brows. I hate waxing. Tears come to my cheeks every time. Here is a picture of my eyebrows, after being waxed.
It's nice getting free facials though. Yesterday, I had a allergic reaction to the lotion we use for our facials. My face turned bright red and was burning for the rest of class.
We start manicures/pedicures this week. I'm excited for that part.
I've made friends with the people in my class, which I didn't think I would. They are all very different, from each other and from me. There are 14 of us.

I want to write a million posts about my summer! I haven't put any pictures up and there are so many great ones! I got to spend a lot of time with everyone in my family which was great.

My little house is great. I bought some pumpkins on October 1st and they are now on my porch. I also have a little squirrel sitting on my porch. Cute, I know.

That's it.
Xoxo, Brittany.

ps: we ran out of toilet paper on Saturday so Chase asked me if I'd go pick some up between the sessions while he ran to his brothers house to help him with his lawn. I was in my car ready to go to Albertson's, when my sister called and asked if I wanted to go to a yard sale with her instead. That sounded better then toilet paper, so she picked me up and we went. She bought some things and as she was paying I noticed a really cute package.... it was this little adorable package of yellow toilet paper! Who sells yellow toilet paper at a yard sale? Who buys toilet paper at a yard sale?
Well, besides me.

03 October 2009


I hate hate hate this blog layout thing.
I just accidentally deleted ALL my blog links!! How do I even get those back? I don't even know half of them. All the family blog links are gone too. So now if I want to look at any of my friends blogs I don't know where to go. I had so many, I might not even remember WHO I had linked. Gah. It's like I just lost all my family and friends. It's sick and wrong.

I'm angry. Really angry. Don't you hate that feeling when you lose something you just cannot get back? Worst feeling ever.

I went to Layout --> Edit HTML --> Revert to classic view, (or something) ... and well now it took me back to this layout that you see right now. Funny thing is that I remember that when I started the blog, that's the layout I chose. Cute little polka dots. I hate them now and I am really furious. Furious that they don't give you more warning! How was I to know that I was going to lose all my links? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........

On another note, wasn't conference great today? I love conference weekend. Right now I am watching The Lords Errand- the movie about President Monson's life. I've seen it before, but it's still great. Back to conference... well I just liked it and I'm excited for tomorrow too. I don't really want to write a recap though. Maybe later.

Will you please comment if you by chance read this, so that I can get the link to your blog... so I can continue to stalk you via blogging.
Xoxo, Brittany

ps: The Lords Errand is over and The Best Two Years just started. Oh my gosh- I've never seen it and I still don't want to see it. I'm just too lazy to get up and turn it off. It's kinda funny though. Kinda really annoying too.

26 September 2009

jlkgmlkjsgq arlmga svlgnslivn ghnla

i hate trying to figure out blog layouts!
none of my pictures fit.

people out there with really exceptionally nice blog layouts... do you just spend hours at it? i can't get the right background image, i can't get the right sizing, or color or font or anything. i've given up.

besides trying to get this stupid blog to look like i want it to, life is great. really great.
love school. love both jobs. love my home. love my man. love myself. and i really do love relief society. did anyone else love the rs conference tonight?


09 September 2009

banana republic.

I got hired.
I'm the newest member to the Banana Republic Family.
Isn't it a good feeling to be hired? I like when they point out your good qualities as they offer you a job and when they tell you what they most like about you. It makes me want to really continue to impress them. I'll be the best worker they've ever hired.

I enjoy the training process. I enjoy learning all the procedures & policies. I enjoy meeting the new people I'm going to work with. I am just going to enjoy having a "real" job again.

The last job I worked was at my campus bookstore. That ended in December 2007. January 2008, I started nannying the family I'm still with. It's been great and fun and rewarding. I've learned a lot about parenting. I've grown very attached to the, then 6, now 8 year old boy.
Despite that all, I felt a change would be good for me.

I'm still going to nanny, but instead of picking the boy up after school, I'll just be getting him up and ready and take him to school. Working for them is about 6 -10 hours a week. My job at Banana is only going to be 5-10 hours a week. Add those hours to 20 hours of school and I'm pretty set.

Life is great right now. Really, it's great.
Xoxo, Brittany

ps: today in class the teacher showed us eyebrow waxing. i volunteered to be the demonstration model, expecting the teacher to do a good job.
let's just say, my eyebrows are different shapes and different lengths.

03 September 2009


When I thought of going into aesthetics, I was thinking school would be so fun and easy.

The first week of school confirmed my assumption... We learned about proper hygiene, what to wear, how to take care of our hair, how to set and achieve goals, where we can get a job, how to act in the workplace, to be nice and caring a genuine and so on. It was actually a great. I suggest that every person should learn those things if they are ever going to interact with another human being.

Then the second week came. Oh. Never mind about the fun and easy...

I'm just glad that it's still fun.
Xoxo, Brittany

26 August 2009

Here I am.

Hello Readers.

I started school today. SLCC. Esthetics program. There are a lot of different types of people in there. I'm excited to get to know all sorts of new people. I really enjoy people and making friends with random people. I also like making people feel good about themselves.

My step-sister, Jennie, dyed my hair a shade darker of brown. It's a good change, not too different that i don't feel like myself, but different enough to be excited about a change. The dye really brought out my red undertones. I'm trying to get used to that part.

I'm done the full time (7am-6pm daily) nannying for the summer and now I'm just there from 7-8:30 each morning. I drive my little 3rd grader buddy to school each morning, after I wake him up and get him ready and fed before school. I can't do the after school time with him now because my classes are everyday from 12-5.

I decided to look for another job for the evenings. Chase will be in night classes and I feel like I need to utilize my new green card status, by getting a "real" job. I may as well get a retail job, because after I have kids, I don't plan on working.

My hope is that once I finish my esthetics program, I can work from home. It would be great when I have kids- to work from home. One day I think it would be really fun to open a little salon/boutique. It's just a dream for now though.

First of all, Chase and I want to continue saving for a house. Perhaps we will buy one next year. Wouldn't that be fun!

Summer is officially over in my books. I've had a great summer full of fishing, swimming, playing, all my family, chicago, canada, st george, relaxing and many great memories.

I'm excited for fall, because I've purchased some fun new winter clothes.
Xoxo, Brittany

16 August 2009

where did brittany go?

Hi. I saw Julie & Julia tonight with my family. It was really good. I love when a movie comes out that it unique, not been done before. In it, Julie blogs. It reminded me that I should get back on the computer, so here I am blogging again! (By the way, I got a "new" laptop. It's my brother Andrew's old Macbook. He just got a new one to start med school with- so I bought his old one for quite a deal.)

The movie was about learning to cook. I would like to start to cook more. I'm not big into cooking- I am going to become better. I got a lot of cookbooks for my wedding, so I have plenty of recipes to choose from. I'm sure Chase would appreciate it too.

Last weekend, I picked some of my cousins up from EFY in Provo. We went for breakfast and then we went to Taylormaids. It's a salon/costume shop that another of my cousins works at. We tried on all sorts of wigs. It was really fun. I think I'm going to dye my hair dark brown now. I'm scheduled to do it next week. Eeek. I've never had my hair professionally dyed before. I've done it a handful of times just from the box though. Wish me luck.

This weekend was productive. Chase and I cleaned out our "storage room"- It's really just our laundry room that is pretty big. It was jammed full of a lot of random things. We sold some stuff in a garage sale today and took the rest to DI. I am putting all the similar things in big Tupperware with labels. It's nice to have some order back there. (Though a lot of it isn't quite put away yet.)
It was my one major goal this summer(besides getting a tan)- so I am happy.
I'm not happy that summer is coming to an end though. I get to lay out everyday next week though, while the boy I nanny is in swim lessons. It's heaven.

Xoxo, Brittany

31 July 2009

no time

I'm sad that I haven't updated my blog for a while... but at the same time, do you know what that means? I've been so busy having so much fun that I haven't had time to update my blog.
I'm going to have to write a whole mega-blog all about my stacations... and my vacations! (e.g., I'm in Chicago right now.)

Brittany Anne Nielsen

08 July 2009

a summer full of staycations.

This summer has been wonderful. A highlight was a few Saturday's ago. Chase took me fishing. I had never really been fishing before. One time when I was young, I fished off the shore of a lake in Waterton National Park, mind you I only cast once. This time was different.

We woke up early. We rented a canoe from REI, with the PFDs and paddles. We went to the Smith's on 33rd South to get me a fishing pole and to buy fishing licenses for the year. My pole is pink. It lights up when I reel it in. Try not to be jealous.

We drove and drove.
We drove past my old home in Peoa (we even stopped and I showed him a couple of the 42 acres and the fish ponds up there.) We drove on and found ourselves at Smith and Morehouse. A very beautiful lake in the Uinta Mountains.

We unloaded his truck. We loaded the canoe and paddled off the shore into the open lake. Beautiful sky. Not a cloud in the sky. (okay, there was one small one) I loved the fresh air and nature. I loved the feeling of being exhausted after paddling and I just really love that Chase took the time to take me out for the day.

He taught me how to use a fishing rod.

I got it after a while and it turned out to be really fun. I had my iTouch, so I turned on the Walk The Line soundtrack. (It wasn't that loud because I had it in a ziplock in my zipped up purse that was wrapped around my ankle- so if we tipped over it may be safe... safer then if it was just out.)
After an hour or so, I decided that I'd give Chase my pole, so he could double fish. I got out a magazine put up my feet and relaxed in the sunshine. It was amazing. I could lay there forever, in a boat on a lake with my husband soaking up the rays. Doesn't get better.

We had gone out really far! Our paddle back to the shore was hard.  muscles are much bigger and better then mine, but I still worked diligently to get us home. I didn't want him to think I couldn't.

We got to shore. We got the very heavy canoe out of the water and over the rocks. We got it back on our truck. We drove home.

That was the end of our staycation!

Thank you Chase.

ps: i forgot to mention that we went deep sea fishing on our honeymoon... but that was also way different.