03 January 2009

Our New Years Eve:

On New Years Eve we went to a Thai resteraunt and then dancing at the MAC(Murray Arts Centre). The whole family went to Thai Siam together to eat and then we all (minus Andrew & Janelle, who went to run a 5K.) went dancing.

There were a lot of really cute old people there, dressed up SO fancy! I am sure that I was the youngest one there. Chase and I brought mini Martinelli's for everyone to drink when it turned Midnight, I loved that.

Besides having so much fun always, I just love bringing in the new year. It's rejuvinating. I love maknig goals and feeling like I can start fresh with so many things. This year I have many goals. I've decided to write them in my blog, because that way at the end of the year I can really remember what they were and you can all hold me accountable!

Here are my goals for 2009:

1. Blog at least 3 times a month.

2. Get a greencard before May.

3. Buy a new MacBook to replace my broken one.

4. Go to the temple at least monthly.

5. Count all the(and reduce the ammount of) Calories I eat.

6. Go to the gym 3-5 times a week.
7. Lose 30 pounds. (hopfully that will be the result of 5 and 6.) I want to lose the 30lbs I gained in 2008 and also the same 30 I lost in 2007, hah.

8. Never miss a month of visiting teaching.

9. and an overall goal, of just being a better housewife.

I wish you the best of luck with your new years goals!
What are they...?

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