29 December 2008

Our First Christmas:

We finally had our first married Christmas. It was great! We had our own very small tree in our living room. It was so fun to decorate for Christmas with Chase.
On the 23rd, we went to my mom and Bruce's house for a fun dinner to celebrate the coming of Christmas. Me and Chase decided to make our own stockings this year too- so we made them out of red fleece. We also slept over that night, though Chase was plowing for most of the night.On the morning of the 24th, Christmas Eve, Bethany showed me a bunch of pictures of her in Israel. She has been there for the last 3 months doing a study abroad through BYU. In the Afternoon, I went to the Primary Children's hospital to visit my niece, Eleanor, who had the flu (which Bethany brought back from Israel as an early Christmas present).That evening, we went to Nielsen's for Christmas Eve dinner. We watched the Nativity story and opened sibling presents... and Ashlyn gave me a set of Celine Dion CD's. She had to have been inspired because that is exactly what I wanted!
Around 8:30, we went back to my family's house for dinner with them. After dinner, the family went to the hospital to visit Brooklyn and bring her some Christmas goodies. Me and Bethany dressed as Christmas Elf's.
We got home around 11 and Bethany gave us a slide show of the sites in Bethlehem she had just been to. I'm jealous now and want to go myself!
Then we opened our Christmas PJ's and went off to bed to wait for SANTA to come!

Chase and I got up earlier then the rest of the family and scurried off to the Nielsen's to open presents with them. We were spoiled, and I especially was spoiled by Chase! He gave me a Family History binder that he had already started. He had made copies of our wedding pictures and our marriage certificate and notes for each other- it was by far my favourite gift this year! He had put so much effort into making it. I'm excited to keep adding to it.
Then we were back to my parents house and had a yummy big breakfast with german pancakes and then to open our presents! Again, we were spoiled, now by my family! Bethany brought all the ladies back some genie pants! They are amazing. Also she brought the men funny outfits. Chase got me some beautiful pearls and such a pretty dark green purse! And he also gave me a collection of each of the Ralph Lauren perfumes!I love Christmas and giving to everyone and also getting.
Thank you everyone who gave me a gift this year!
Xoxo, Brittany

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