01 December 2008

My survey about Chase

I saw this on a friends blog, so I decided to do it- I reccomend you do it as well!!!
Xoxo, B

Your Husband:

1-What is his name: Chase G. Nielsen

2- Where did you meet? Through his friends that I had met once, we were at the Utah Institute Building.

3- How long did you date before you were married? 11 months

4- How long have you been married for? almost 4 months

5- Who said I love you first? Chase did.

6- When and where was your first kiss? Honestly I forget where it was. Ask Chase, his memory is better... I do know it was on our second date.

7- Who kissed who first? Chase tried to kiss me a couple times before I let him. :)

8- Who proposed? Chase, in an oh-so-romantic way!

9-What's your favorite thing to do as a couple? it.

10-Do you have kids? No, but one day we'll have eight.... hah

11- What does he do that surprises you? He cleans the whole house a lot. That's my favourite surprise.

12- What's your favorite feature about him? He's gorgeous and his smile is to die for.

13- What's your favorite quality about him? He is just such a hard worker and cares for me so well!

14- Does he have a nickname for you? B-rit, Anne, Baby ... I call him G Dot.

15- What's his favorite color? Red? Who cares though... really.

16- What's his favorite food? Mexican - authentic mexican.

17-What is his favorite sport? Basketball- he plays all the time. But I think it was Rugby in highschool and baseball as a kid, because that's what he played.

18- What's a hidden talent that he has? He doesn't hide his talents.

19- How old is he? 23

20- What do you admire most about him? His knowledge of the scriptures.

21-What's his favorite past time? Basketball or watching movies.

22- Who eats more? He does

23- Who is taller? Chase is.

24- Who sings better? I do.

25- Who is smarter? He is

26- Who does the laundry? Considering the first time I did his laundry, I shrunk the whole load (I still have no ide why that happened)- He does his and I do mine... He usually does the linens and such.

27- Who pays the bills? I do the bills that come in the mail, and he pays the ones online.

28- Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? If you're laying on your back in our bed, he sleeps on the right side... well his stuff s on that nightstand, but we switch up the sleeping.

29- Who mows the lawn? Considering his job- he does.

30- Who cooks dinner? He cooks me breakfast a ton and we make dinner about the same.

31- Who drives? He always drives if we are taking one of his trucks, but we share the driving when we are going somewhere in my car.

32- Who is more stubborn? Both of us.

33- Who has more friends? He see's his few friends FAR more then I see my many friends.

34- Who has more siblings? I have 5 sibs, he has 4.

35- Who controls the T.V. remote? Chase does, but mostly cause we rarely watch but he likes the news and I guess we watch Senfield- but we don't have cable.

36- Whose temper is worse? We're equal... but take things out differently.

37- Who does the dishes? He mostly does.

38- Whose parents do you see more often? We see mine(my mom and bruce) more, but we live a street away from them and they have a huge projector screen for movies in their basement. We switch off sunday dinners though with his mom and dad. And my Dad lives in Canada, so we don't get the chance to see him as much as I wish we could.

I love you Chase! Thank you for being an amazing husband.

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