24 November 2008

Our Goodbye to my MacBook:

This horrible story starts a few weeks ago, with my husband being sick(sad, but not the sad part). I wanted to be extra sweet for him and to make him lunch-in-bed, because he'd been sleeping all day. I put everything together- loaded the tray- and walked into our room.

Side note: Because of the way our bed is positioned, I never step onto my side of the bed. I always get in from his side or the end of the bed... making the floor of my side a perfect place to set things down. (Usually just a book or a pen & paper.)

Chase was sleeping on his side of the bed, so I needed to put the tray down over on my side. Because I was holding this big tray, I couldn't start climbing over him, nor could I really see where I was going! Focused on not spilling the soup, I walked to my side of the bed and I stepped on something. CRACK. I stepped on a book. It had a pen under it- that snapped, I concluded. I sat with Chase for a while as he ate, then I climbed off the end of the bed to get on with the rest of my day.

I'm bored of writing this story... Turns out I stepped on my MacBook laptop! For the next week it worked fine... it just had a huge crack (almost like a gross spiderweb in the top right corner). My computer started to be slower and slower until it froze. I tried to restart it. It wouldn't. I took it to the Apple store- which conveniently is just 10 minutes away. They made me wait for about 3 hours as they said I had lost everything and I demanded that they kept trying to retrieve my precious goods. I actually told them that I needed all my pictures or I'd die...

Well it turns out they do a good job over there at Apple when a life is on the line. They said they'd work on it over then next couple days and they apparently recovered 60GB of my stuff. The "genius" (I love their work titles) told me he got most of my pictures and quite a bit of other stuff. I have yet to hear back from them about getting it all onto an external hard drive for me though... hopefully it will be soon. (Luckily Chase also brought a nice computer into our marriage!)

My dad gave me my laptop for a college graduation present... which if you know me or my "graduation" story... well it is a funny story in itself! But that was only in May 2007! Thank you Dad! I used it every day since then.

Christmas is coming... too bad we don't have an extra 1500 dollars lying around, that would be a great gift.
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Xoxo, B

p.s. After I posted this, I found this picture of a MacBook Pro plated in 24-carat gold.... gee, I guess THIS is what I'll be asking Santa fo this year!!!
(You can't tell in this picture, but the Apple logo on the back of the computer is filled with diamonds!)