11 October 2008

Our Home:

Chase and I live in the cutest little cottage home ever made! The address is even cute. It's 2276 ½ South 2100 East. I love it.
*this is our first picture with our house... my holding the key the day we got it! notice the long long flower- chase tried to pick me a little flower and pulled out the whole stem! (from the neighbors garden.)*

We're renting a great two bedroom home that is in the same neighborhood (and ward) that my mom and her new husband, Bruce, live in. (Also were I've lived for the seven plus year that I've lived in Utah.)

The house is, as I said, two bedrooms, one bathroom, a family/living room, a dining room, a spacious kitchen and a huge laundry room (washer and dryer included!) We feel so lucky.

*This is me and Chase, he's carrying me over the threshold! :)*
We also got some really amazing things from Chase's parents, My dad and from my mom... well then not to mention we got a lot of great wedding gifts! (thank you everyone!) And with our own little contributions we've got one full little house!

It's great being in charge of my own place. I lived at home my whole life until I got married, so this is certainly a new adventure for me. A great one. Every Saturday Chase and I do our laundry, change the sheets, clean the bathroom, mop the floors and do all the dishes. It's crazy how many dishes we go through. I had no idea how hard my mom must have worked getting the kitchen looking as clean as she always had it! Wow. Some days we'll get a whole sink piled up with dishes and the dishwasher full of clean dishes... just in one day. I can't imagine what it is going to be like once we have 8 kids! :) haha.

Luckily, I got the hardest working husband in the world. I swear he does more to keep the house running then I do. He saves me every day! I just wish I could repay him with delicious dinners all the time, but that hasn't been my strong suit lately. I hear it comes with practise.

*this is the first dinner i made him- the pizza was actually homemade! and i love that i had nothing to decorate the cake with but whipped cream and berries. (my dinner making skills sadly havn't improved over the last month)*

I am tending for two family's right now. One in the early mornings and evenings and the other mid-day. It's great, but I'm always exhausted. This past week I worked over 40 hours! (that's a lot for me, i've never had a full time job. or even close to one... okay never mind, i had the boy i tend for over 50 hours a week in the summer.)

Anyway, Chase is in school, majoring in the Entrepreneur major. He's winding down with the mowing and landscaping and all day today and yesterday, he prepared his trucks and plows for this snow storm that is supposed to be coming tonight and tomorrow.

I hope it doesn't- so he'll stay home with me.
He hopes it does- it means he can bring in more money.

*our dining room table, set for dinner*

Well, I'm going to go finish cleaning the house for sunday.... "Saturday is a special day..." Oh those great primary songs never leave us, do they?

ps: sorry i don't really have any good pictures of my house.


The Walker Family said...

Too cute...and it looks like you're a great cook. We miss you thanks for posting the cute pics. Love ya.

janelle said...

um, your dinner looks delish. one of these days i will get around to cooking...

you have such a cute little home :)

Anonymous said...

Ur house is adorable!! U are such a cute wife!!

Abby and Jason said...

Britt, just found the blog and I love it! I didn't know you got married, just 2 weeks after I did! Congratulations! I love the house!

Mandi Baby said...

Is that the cake holder dish thing Kensie and I got you for your wedding?!?! It seemed to fit you perfectly and I am glad it got used the first night of cooking! What an adorable wife you seem to be! I aspire to be like you when I get married! At least my first meal needs to be as cute!