29 September 2008

our pictures:

*This is a link to our Wedding Pictures! *

Here are some of our Wedding Pictures from my wonderful photographer, Katherine. She put a bunch up luckily, because I obvioulsy haven't done it. Let me know what you think though!
Xoxo, B



Chrissy said...

I love the pictures Brittany. I love all the shots of the details: the back of your dress, Chase's hands, your shoes, the rings etc. Of course all of the pictures of the two of you are gorgeous. How could they not be?!

Bray said...

Beautiful pictures. It looks like it was a wonderful day!

Kera said...

Hey, sorry to stalk you, but I saw your pictures on Katherine's site. Not only did I totally die over your i incredible dress (where did you get it???) but I think I know you. Did you study Interior Design at LDSBC? Either way, you look beautiful and congratulations!

paige and jord said...

seriously brit.. gorgeous. enough said!