21 October 2008

Our Honeymoon to San Diego.

San Diego! (yes, i started this post 2 months ago and i'm finally actually posting it, sorry for the delay.)

We stayed in a cute bungalow on mission bay for a week after our wedding. It was so nice there and the weather couldn't have been better for us.

Some things we did:

- walked on the beach barefoot (i love popping those seaweed things)
- went deep sea fishing (chase was a pro... i didn't catch anything)
- went to our pools at the resort a lot (one of the pools had a sandy beach on one side)
- ordered room service (there food was seriously amazingly delicious)
- ate on the longest pier on the west coast (the waitress even gave us a free postcard because it was our honeymoon)
- hung out at seaport harbor village (and bought sea shells for our fish tanks at home)
- went to dinner at a restaurant on the coast line with lee leavenson (chase's 3rd grade teacher that loved him)
- spent a day at the san diego zoo (we did the bus tour to see all the animals, the koala's were my favourite)
- did 3 batches of laundry (apparently we didn't pack enough clothes)
- went to the san diego temple (one of the most beautiful temples)
- drove to rancho bernardo (so chase could show me his old houses, school, hang outs, etc)
- tried to find a ice cream parlor in the gaslamp district (it ended up not existing, so we found a fancy restaurant to eat at instead)

I know we did more, but now after 2 months, I don't remember it all. I do remember it being the best week of my life with my sweet new husband, Chase.

Xoxo, B


Jason said...

Britt! I am glad that you had such a great Honeymoon! It was fun to read about it. Anyway, you and Chase have a good day! I love you guys! Love, Liz

The Walker Family said...

I love that you guys had a chance to go to Chase's old stomping grounds. Sounds like you guys had a blast. :)