30 June 2008

My niece, Eleanor Ash:

I have a new niece! She was born at 3:35 am on June 27, weighed 7 pounds 14 ounces, is 20 inches long and has a full head of gorgeous dark hair.

Her mom and dad (my sister Brooklyn and her husband) got to the hospital at 3am and Eleanor was born so soon after that the Doctor didn't even make it on time. It may seem great that it was so quick, but it also means she had to do an all natural birth- no medication. I cannot even imagine what that would be like! (Nor would I like to find out... haha)

Though, seeing the sweet little baby girl really got me excited to be a mom... which will likely not be for a few years.

Eleanor has an older brother, Oliver Brown. He will be two years old in September. It is so fun to watch him with her. The first time I asked him if he had a sister he said ya- then when I asked him her name, he told me it was "Elbow". Whenever I come over and ask where Eleanor is, he says she's hiding. (She's usually in the room in her mom's arms.) Just so you know, he cannot say full sentences and is just barely stating to say words that are clear. I'm in love with him. He is so nice to his new baby. I love this picture where he is poking her.

The evening of the day she was born, all our family went to the hospital to visit the new little girl. I loved t hold her and see how tiny she is- but I think Chase enjoyed holding her even more then I did. He didn't want to let go of her. Again, it made me so excited to raise a family with Chase. He is amazing with kids!


ps: happy 26th birthday brooklyn!


The Walker Family said...

Oh wow look at that picture of you and Chase. In no time that will be you guys...I just got the goosebumps!! Congrats on your little niece...and the new blog!!

Brooklyn Skanchy said...

oh, she is adorable! her parents are lucky to have such an awesome baby.

leslie s said...

Hey Brittany - Thank you for you great adivice. We are leaning toward putting her in this year. So it helps to hear your perspective.

Brooklyn's baby is so sweet. I love seeing all the great pictures...You are all so beautiful!!

How are the wedding plan going? I bet you are having so much fun pulling it all together.

Tty soon,