07 June 2008

My Engagement:

Well everyone... Chase and I are engaged! We are going to be married on August 30. I am so very excited. He is my best friend in the whole world and I am the luckiest lady in the world to have him be mine.

He proposed on Monday, June 2 - in the most romantic way ever! I couldn't have asked for a better life right now. Being so in love is the best, but being in love and engaged is better then the best!

Before he picked me up, he told me to dress warm and to wear hiking boots. I knew he was going to propose soon, so each day I wondered... this day I thought he was going to do something romantic to trick me into thinking he was going to propose that night. He picked me up and he suggested we get some pictures of us before we left. We love pictures, so this wasn't that unusual. Plus I was wearing a funny outfit, so all the more reason to get pictures! Luckily my sister, Bethany was there to be the photographer.

As we got in the car he blindfolded me. I couldn't resist taking more pictures of us. While we were driving, Chase started to tell me the eight things he lovs about me most. (We had been dating just over eight months).

We drove for a while, and I though he had driven up Parley's Canyon, when we got out, I was fully expecting him to take my blindfold off. But, nope. Instead he let me know we were going on a hike! It was hilarious! Have you ever hiked blindfolded? Well, unless you have an amazing guide, like Chase, I do not recommend it. It was the most romantic hike I'd ever been on. He held my hand the whole way up. By now I hoped he was going to propose, so that was so exciting to think about, plus fear and excitement, knowing you have put ALL you trust into someone to keep you safe is so fun. The whole hike was exhilarating!

We got to the top safely. He sat me on a chair(which I was really confused about, because I still had no idea where we were.) and I could hear him doing some stuff. Finally he took my blindfold off.

It was the most gorgeous and special view ever. We were at Pete's rock. Where Chase and I had had our first "really romantic" moment together. It looks over the SL valley and the sun was setting and he timed it perfectly, so the sky was at it's prettiest moment. Chase had set out everything. He had a table, chairs, candles, tiki torches, dinner on the table, a picture of us and near that was a little mattress with a pillow and blanket.

We ate dinner together (one thing he forgot were the glasses) and as were finished he told me to look at the picture. I picked it up and there was a little white box behind the frame!

He picked up the box, got on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said yes! I also was in shock because of the ring he got me! It was AMAZING! We had been ring shopping together and I had told him what setting I wanted... He had bought the diamond and had the jeweler make the setting fit around the diamond. I couldn't be happier with my ring! I seriously can't even believe that I got my dream ring. It's perfect in every way possible! I could talk about the beauty of my ring for ever! (Sometimes I do talk about it to Chase for hours because I feel like I can never thank him enough for getting me the PERFECT ring!)

After I put the ring on, we had dessert. By this time the sun had set and again the view changed into another beautiful scene. Now we could see all the city lights shining and the stars above us were shining and we were surrounded by candles, it was perfect. We snuggled and I was the most happy I've ever been. I now knew I was going to be Mrs. Brittany Anne Nielsen. I knew I was soon going to be sealed to Chase for eternity and I know this probably sounds so cheesy, but knowing you're going to be with your best friend and love of your life FOREVER is the happiest feeling in the world.

Chase, I love you. Thank you for being the man of my dreams!


The Walker Family said...

Yay, I am so happy you guys are happy and that you posted every detail of this experience not only for us readers but for you, Chase, and your future children. You both deserve more than anything to be happy and I am so grateful Chase is marrying someone that loves him as much as you do.

Katie said...

What a great story!!! It sounds like he did such a great job. I am so glad that you are so happy. Call if you need any suggestions or help with the plans. Your ring is GORGEOUS!

TheHogans said...

Yay!!! Congrats Britt!!! I seriously am sooooo excited for you!! You two are adorable and married life will be the best!!! I can't wait for the big day!!

Hailstorm said...

Brittany, This is so so so super cute! What a perfect way to propose. I love it!!! I'm so happy for you. I better get an invitation!! :)

leslie s said...

Brittany I am so happy that you found someone who treats you so special! I actually got a little teary reading this! I am so happy for you and Chase! Love you!

Noelle said...

Hmm.... Same photographer, similar rings, and both proposed to at PETE'S ROCK!!! Do we have great taste or what?

Moriba said...

You write very well.