10 May 2008

My ABCs:

McKensie did the little tagging thing... so here go my answers:

a. attached or single? Very attached

b. best friend? Chase

c. cake or pie? Quality cake, or homemade peach pie.

d. day of choice? Sunday. I get to have dinner with my whole family- nothing beats that.

e. essential items? Lip stick, chase and my camera.

f. favorite color? Yellow.

g. gummy bears or worms? Bears. I like to pull the legs and heads off and then switch the colors and put them back together...

h. hometown? Salt Lake City. or Calgary, where I was born.

i. indulgence? Wallets and purses... I have too many.

j. january or july? July. It's warmer.

k. kids? I'll have a lot someday.

l. life isn't complete without? Chase and my Family.

m. marriage date? ....

n. number of brothers and sisters? 2 brothers. 3 sisters.

o. oranges or apples? Oranges.

p. phobias or fear? I fear scary dark things.

q. quote? "The first step to getting the things you want in life is this: Decide what you want."
--Ben Stein

r. reasons to smile? Everyone looks better when they smile... even ugly people.

s. superman or wonder woman? I have stamps with both on them.

t. tag 5 people: No. I don't want to.

u. unknown fact about me? I'm watching the Man in the Iron Mask right now.

v. vegetables? are delicious.

w. worst habit? Picking at my broken nails instead of just filing them.

x. xray or ultrasound? The is absolutely no point in picking one of these.

y. your favorite food? Chocolate bars.

z. zodiac sign: Scorpio

1 comment:

Katie said...

You should post how you got engaged! And a picture of the ring!