21 May 2008

My Sister, BETHANY:

She is home at last! Yay! My sissy has been gone for the last 18 months in Los Angeles serving a mission. I missed her so much! At the start of her mission, I wrote her just about once a day. By the end of her mission, I at least emailed her almost weekly... almost. (this is a picture of everyone in our family who showed up at the airport to pick her up.)

Last July, I had a layover in LA, so I took a taxi to visit her! It was so much fun to see her be a missionary. I got to spend the day with her and do service. (aka: painting strange yellow polka dots all over this cute Mexican family's walls.)

I was sure excited when I got to see her again! She's so precious. Last week my mom and I got to go pick her up as she finished her mission. We were staying in the same apartment building that she lived in, which was exciting because we kept thinking we'd run into her! Wednesday morning came and we were supposed to meet her outside the mission home(which is beside the apt's).

I walked out and walked toward the mission home and saw her.... we both started running toward each other! (this is a picture of my view, it's kinda not centered because i was running too!) It was so funny. Tears everywhere. We met a bunch of other missionaries who she'd served with and her mission president.

Over the next couple days, we got to go meet a bunch of her investigators and converts.
Meeting these strong people and hearing their conversion stories really strengthened my testimony. Also just seeing people look to my sister as their "Angel", as they all called her, was so inspiring. It's strange that to them she really did change their lives drastically. My little, Sister Olsen... changing the world one person at a time. Also, those people she was serving were so generous, most were Latino's and hard hardly any money, but the y would always want to give give give... Ok, enough about that. It was also just really fun to be in Los Angeles and to be with my sissy again.

We flew home on the same flight- but my mom and I went out before her. It was so cute when I came out to see the whole family standing there- being so excited to see Bethany again! Then she came down the escalator. Cute. It was her shining moment!! Now it's time for her to be awkward and weird and try to adjust to normal life.

Good luck Bethany!

ps: she also just barely found out that she is accepted to the BYU Jerusalem Center for fall semester. She leaves the 2nd of September!

We got to go out for lunch with our Uncle Larry and cousin, Jerilyn.

Christopher also met us at the temple grounds to say hello.

Me and Bethany. I was pretending to be a Sister Missionary and I was wearing her tag.

This is us displaying the car she had been driving on the mission.

10 May 2008

My ABCs:

McKensie did the little tagging thing... so here go my answers:

a. attached or single? Very attached

b. best friend? Chase

c. cake or pie? Quality cake, or homemade peach pie.

d. day of choice? Sunday. I get to have dinner with my whole family- nothing beats that.

e. essential items? Lip stick, chase and my camera.

f. favorite color? Yellow.

g. gummy bears or worms? Bears. I like to pull the legs and heads off and then switch the colors and put them back together...

h. hometown? Salt Lake City. or Calgary, where I was born.

i. indulgence? Wallets and purses... I have too many.

j. january or july? July. It's warmer.

k. kids? I'll have a lot someday.

l. life isn't complete without? Chase and my Family.

m. marriage date? ....

n. number of brothers and sisters? 2 brothers. 3 sisters.

o. oranges or apples? Oranges.

p. phobias or fear? I fear scary dark things.

q. quote? "The first step to getting the things you want in life is this: Decide what you want."
--Ben Stein

r. reasons to smile? Everyone looks better when they smile... even ugly people.

s. superman or wonder woman? I have stamps with both on them.

t. tag 5 people: No. I don't want to.

u. unknown fact about me? I'm watching the Man in the Iron Mask right now.

v. vegetables? are delicious.

w. worst habit? Picking at my broken nails instead of just filing them.

x. xray or ultrasound? The is absolutely no point in picking one of these.

y. your favorite food? Chocolate bars.

z. zodiac sign: Scorpio