26 April 2008

My Sorority, GAMMA:

I joined Gamma my freshman year in College. I joined with my friend Lizzy(who went to BYU!) She was convinced she would come all the way to the U of U every Thursday night for our meetings... obviously that didn't happen. I was on my own there, I knew a few girls here and there and I went on and off for the first year and a half- but it dwindled. Then i was put in the inactive list. This past fall, my brother-in-law convinced me to go out and do it again. It was really a lot more fun this time around. One of our first few meetings was the "Gamma Guy" Competition.... and because of that night, I met my darling Chase! Because I've been dating him since September, I haven't really participated in all the activities as much- because a lot of them are exchanges with other fraternities, and when you have a boyfriend, that's not that exciting. Also if I ever had to pick between going to a meeting and going on one of the amazing dates Chase had planned for me? Chase would win, hands down.

But I sure met some awesome girls there who I just loved being around. We recently had our last meeting, the banquet and announced who the new officers would be, etc... all those end of year shin digs. It was fun. Also a bit sad, because I'm sure this will be the last of my time being an active Gamma Girl... I'm sure I'll have other engagements by next year... ;)

So here is a photo tribute of some of the great gamma memories... including, The Dues Banquet, Gamma Guy Competition (the night I met Chase), Halloween Parties, Battle of the Chapters (which with won with Phi), Painting nights, the End of Year Banquet and the last little Gamma Get together... with me sporting my Anchor Sweater!