06 March 2008

My Daddy:

My Dad came to visit me! It was a lot of fun to just hang out with him. He lives in Canada (still in the house I grew up in there) so I don't get to see him a whole lot. He has visited me in Salt Lake a lot more lately, which is really great. Chase finally got to meet him this trip. I think they hit it off...

While he was visiting, we did a lot of fun things. He took our whole family (in Salt Lake) to both nights of the 'Best of the Banff Mountain Film Festival' up at the U. It was so amazing to see all these crazy people participate in so many different extreme sports. It was pretty inspiring and made me want to be more adventurous. Watching the films made me appreciate nature and the world more as well. There are so many gorgeous places around the world! So many amazing places right here in Utah. I need to explore Utah better.

This year I did branch out and go skiing! When I was little, our family would go skiing every year. I'd also go with my school every year. I remember loving it! Since I moved to Utah, in 2001, I hadn't been skiing. (By the way, the mountains in Canada are much better then Utah! :)) Chase took me skiing and it was SO fun! I didn't have a ski jacket to wear so he made me wear his... and I cried because I looked like a man. Hah, but after that it was amazing. Especially being with Chase.

We decided that it would be fun to go skiing with my dad when he was here. Again, I had a blast... and this time I found my suspender ski pants and wore my white coat- it zips over my mouth and kept me so warm.

We went to Park City. It started snowing while we were up in the mountains and it was so gorgeous. Freezing and gorgeous! Chase and my dad decided that I was being a baby about the runs, so they took me on one that was harder then I was used to...(remember it was only my second time skiing in about 10 years), we went on a blue run. Oh boy! I fell and I just could not even get up- it was so steep! Luckily I was near the bottom of the hill and so I just squatted on my ski's and like rode on my butt. I looked like a fool but it was very fun!

I like being able to do memorable things with my dad- I wish he lived in Salt Lake so I could more often.
*All these pictures are a mix of when Chase and I went skiing & the pictures of when I went with my dad and Chase. I am in my white clothes when we were with my dad.

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TheHogans said...

Britt Love your blog!!! And I LOVE the banff film festivals!!! This was my second year going, and im totally obsessed and way sad that i didn't see you there!!! We should do a double date to next years!!!