15 February 2008

My Valentines Day:

My Valentines Day was wonderful this year. Better then any other year times a million... but everything I do is a million times better when I'm with Chase!

In the morning Chase wrote me a text telling me to open my front door. I opened it to find a GORGEOUS bouquet of flowers on my front porch. Seriously it was beautiful. Roses. Tulips. Orchids. My favorites. This picture does not do it justice. (Mostly because my camera's flash broke- that is why all these pictures aren't very quality.)

That afternoon, Chase and I went to the Welfare Square Bakery. We sliced and bagged the bread they had baked. It was really fun to do service together; plus, we got to take home some loafs ourselves! Mmm... the insides of the white bread are amazing. I could eat the whole loaf. It also reminded me of when me and Bethany (my sister on a mission) would go work there. It was a regular occurrence.

I had made sugar cookies the night before. I made a lot of them to give to people. But the special ones I made were for Chase. It was a girl cookie, a boy cookie and a HUGE heart shaped cookie... I wrote our names on it. (I wish I took the picture before we snacked on them)

I also asked if I could plan dinner. I made us heart shaped pizzas! My sister Brooklyn gave me a really yummy pizza recipe that I used. I set up the dining room with candles and rose petals everywhere. Typical, but it was still fun.. I think I pulled off making a romantic ambiance. He said he loved it all.

He was so sweet! He had put a bunch of flowers around my house for me to find after dinner. As I went around looking, I would find a little love note along with each flower. He wrote me all the things he loves about me. He makes me feel so special. I love Chase.

We are going to go rock climbing tonight. Wish me luck.