30 January 2008

My Room:

I have a continuous job of cleaning my room. It takes on average two months to clean my room and only two days for it to get really bad again! Hah. Oh I'm ridiculous. I love love love organizing. You'd never guess it. That is why it takes me so long to clean my room perhaps.

Today I spent about an hour just organizing my ribbons and wrapping paper. My closet is great. Always. It's a small walk in closet and I always have everything hanging in the right order, facing the same way. I used to have it color coded, but I recently changed it to sleeve length. I have a large dresser in there and each drawer has folded clothes and organized.

I'm really lucky to have the room I do. I have 3 dressers(not including the one in my closet), a bed that is actually falling apart and is concave- haha, one tall book shelf and a small shelf, two night stands, a lounge chair (my FAVOURITE part of my room and the only piece that I actually own myself), and I have a coffee table in the middle of the room, or else it looks to bare in there. I also have two full length mirrors(one in the closet) and three other large mirrors.

I guess I should mention that I also have an ironing board in the corner too. Yes, I LOVE to iron. I like to keep everything ironed. Key word: like. I didn't say I DO keep everything ironed.

My nephew, Oliver (who is going to have a little sister in JUNE!!!) loves to come into my room to do two things; He likes to smell the candle I have on my coffee table and look at Franklin(my fish). He also likes to find my stuffed animals to cuddle. I love him and he's getting so big and so smart!

Life is going well, my job pays well and though I may not LOVE it, it's not bad. Things are great with my boyfriend- he's excited to meet my dad, who is visiting mid-February. It's sad that President Hinckley died. Though, it's actually a good thing because I am sure he's so happy now to see his wife again.

I'm sleepy, I'm going to lay down and have sweet dreams.

*The first picture is me. In my room. I just went through all my pictures to try to find one of my room and this is about it... I know It's a weird picture. I love my bookshelf though.

*The last picture is Oliver. He is taking a spray bottle and trying to spray my Beta fish with it! So cute.

23 January 2008

My New Year:

I brought in the New Year with my boyfriend, watching illegal fireworks at his friends house, then we played games with my family. The break was filled with games and fun with the family. It was really fun.

It's been a good 23 days of a year. (HAPPY BIRTHDAY BETHANY, by the way) So far it's included...
Starting the family's 'Let's get healthy" challenge.
Buying a BETA fish! (His name is Annie, as of now- I may change it.)
Nannying for a family of 5 kids for 8 days while their parents were out of town.
Getting a job with a family to be their nanny, cook and housekeeper.
Losing eight pounds.

Those are just a few things I guess. I want to keep this blog up, I need to have a more dedicated time commitment to writing.

To touch more on the things above...
Our family (well, really it's just my mom, me and my brother in law and i think my dad too), is all going to be getting healthier. My goal is to loose 5% of my body fat by the end of March. It will be easy.
My boyfriend and I each bought a fish. Cute, eh? We bought them while I was nannying because I brought the three year old girl to the fish store to get some gold fish. I love my fish and I bought such a cute little round bowl for it with green stones at the bottom.
Nannying for that family for the week was amazing! It was hard and amazing. I miss those kids so much. We had a really good time and their mom and dad have told me over and over, since that the kids just loved me and had such a good time with me and miss me. cute. I keep wanting to jut go over and play with them.
I have the strangest job now. I'm nannying for a family with a 6 year old and a 17 year old. Both boys. At 7 in the morning I go to their house, the parents and 17 year old leave for work and school. I make the 6 year olds breakfast, get him ready for school, pack a lunch for him and take him to school. Then around 5:30, I pick the boy up from the JCC, take him home, help him with his homework, make the family dinner, and stay til the parents get home(by the way the 17 year old is often there as well.) They pay great and I love it. It's intimidating making them dinners every night, but it's great experience. It's just a funny job I got myself into.
I lost some weight.... but that's no great accomplishment if you knew how much I gained from my birthday (Oct 30) until New Years. Haha.. I have a few more pounds to go.

Well, I'm going to start cleaning my room now.

Here is my family playing a Scene It Trivial Pursuit game on New Years, right when Chase and I got home from the fireworks.

*The first picture was Matt(John), Chris, Me and Chase at the house where they did fireworks.
(ps: Chase game me the scarf I'm wearing for Christmas.)