29 December 2008

Our First Christmas:

We finally had our first married Christmas. It was great! We had our own very small tree in our living room. It was so fun to decorate for Christmas with Chase.
On the 23rd, we went to my mom and Bruce's house for a fun dinner to celebrate the coming of Christmas. Me and Chase decided to make our own stockings this year too- so we made them out of red fleece. We also slept over that night, though Chase was plowing for most of the night.On the morning of the 24th, Christmas Eve, Bethany showed me a bunch of pictures of her in Israel. She has been there for the last 3 months doing a study abroad through BYU. In the Afternoon, I went to the Primary Children's hospital to visit my niece, Eleanor, who had the flu (which Bethany brought back from Israel as an early Christmas present).That evening, we went to Nielsen's for Christmas Eve dinner. We watched the Nativity story and opened sibling presents... and Ashlyn gave me a set of Celine Dion CD's. She had to have been inspired because that is exactly what I wanted!
Around 8:30, we went back to my family's house for dinner with them. After dinner, the family went to the hospital to visit Brooklyn and bring her some Christmas goodies. Me and Bethany dressed as Christmas Elf's.
We got home around 11 and Bethany gave us a slide show of the sites in Bethlehem she had just been to. I'm jealous now and want to go myself!
Then we opened our Christmas PJ's and went off to bed to wait for SANTA to come!

Chase and I got up earlier then the rest of the family and scurried off to the Nielsen's to open presents with them. We were spoiled, and I especially was spoiled by Chase! He gave me a Family History binder that he had already started. He had made copies of our wedding pictures and our marriage certificate and notes for each other- it was by far my favourite gift this year! He had put so much effort into making it. I'm excited to keep adding to it.
Then we were back to my parents house and had a yummy big breakfast with german pancakes and then to open our presents! Again, we were spoiled, now by my family! Bethany brought all the ladies back some genie pants! They are amazing. Also she brought the men funny outfits. Chase got me some beautiful pearls and such a pretty dark green purse! And he also gave me a collection of each of the Ralph Lauren perfumes!I love Christmas and giving to everyone and also getting.
Thank you everyone who gave me a gift this year!
Xoxo, Brittany

01 December 2008

My survey about Chase

I saw this on a friends blog, so I decided to do it- I reccomend you do it as well!!!
Xoxo, B

Your Husband:

1-What is his name: Chase G. Nielsen

2- Where did you meet? Through his friends that I had met once, we were at the Utah Institute Building.

3- How long did you date before you were married? 11 months

4- How long have you been married for? almost 4 months

5- Who said I love you first? Chase did.

6- When and where was your first kiss? Honestly I forget where it was. Ask Chase, his memory is better... I do know it was on our second date.

7- Who kissed who first? Chase tried to kiss me a couple times before I let him. :)

8- Who proposed? Chase, in an oh-so-romantic way!

9-What's your favorite thing to do as a couple? it.

10-Do you have kids? No, but one day we'll have eight.... hah

11- What does he do that surprises you? He cleans the whole house a lot. That's my favourite surprise.

12- What's your favorite feature about him? He's gorgeous and his smile is to die for.

13- What's your favorite quality about him? He is just such a hard worker and cares for me so well!

14- Does he have a nickname for you? B-rit, Anne, Baby ... I call him G Dot.

15- What's his favorite color? Red? Who cares though... really.

16- What's his favorite food? Mexican - authentic mexican.

17-What is his favorite sport? Basketball- he plays all the time. But I think it was Rugby in highschool and baseball as a kid, because that's what he played.

18- What's a hidden talent that he has? He doesn't hide his talents.

19- How old is he? 23

20- What do you admire most about him? His knowledge of the scriptures.

21-What's his favorite past time? Basketball or watching movies.

22- Who eats more? He does

23- Who is taller? Chase is.

24- Who sings better? I do.

25- Who is smarter? He is

26- Who does the laundry? Considering the first time I did his laundry, I shrunk the whole load (I still have no ide why that happened)- He does his and I do mine... He usually does the linens and such.

27- Who pays the bills? I do the bills that come in the mail, and he pays the ones online.

28- Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? If you're laying on your back in our bed, he sleeps on the right side... well his stuff s on that nightstand, but we switch up the sleeping.

29- Who mows the lawn? Considering his job- he does.

30- Who cooks dinner? He cooks me breakfast a ton and we make dinner about the same.

31- Who drives? He always drives if we are taking one of his trucks, but we share the driving when we are going somewhere in my car.

32- Who is more stubborn? Both of us.

33- Who has more friends? He see's his few friends FAR more then I see my many friends.

34- Who has more siblings? I have 5 sibs, he has 4.

35- Who controls the T.V. remote? Chase does, but mostly cause we rarely watch but he likes the news and I guess we watch Senfield- but we don't have cable.

36- Whose temper is worse? We're equal... but take things out differently.

37- Who does the dishes? He mostly does.

38- Whose parents do you see more often? We see mine(my mom and bruce) more, but we live a street away from them and they have a huge projector screen for movies in their basement. We switch off sunday dinners though with his mom and dad. And my Dad lives in Canada, so we don't get the chance to see him as much as I wish we could.

I love you Chase! Thank you for being an amazing husband.

24 November 2008

Our Goodbye to my MacBook:

This horrible story starts a few weeks ago, with my husband being sick(sad, but not the sad part). I wanted to be extra sweet for him and to make him lunch-in-bed, because he'd been sleeping all day. I put everything together- loaded the tray- and walked into our room.

Side note: Because of the way our bed is positioned, I never step onto my side of the bed. I always get in from his side or the end of the bed... making the floor of my side a perfect place to set things down. (Usually just a book or a pen & paper.)

Chase was sleeping on his side of the bed, so I needed to put the tray down over on my side. Because I was holding this big tray, I couldn't start climbing over him, nor could I really see where I was going! Focused on not spilling the soup, I walked to my side of the bed and I stepped on something. CRACK. I stepped on a book. It had a pen under it- that snapped, I concluded. I sat with Chase for a while as he ate, then I climbed off the end of the bed to get on with the rest of my day.

I'm bored of writing this story... Turns out I stepped on my MacBook laptop! For the next week it worked fine... it just had a huge crack (almost like a gross spiderweb in the top right corner). My computer started to be slower and slower until it froze. I tried to restart it. It wouldn't. I took it to the Apple store- which conveniently is just 10 minutes away. They made me wait for about 3 hours as they said I had lost everything and I demanded that they kept trying to retrieve my precious goods. I actually told them that I needed all my pictures or I'd die...

Well it turns out they do a good job over there at Apple when a life is on the line. They said they'd work on it over then next couple days and they apparently recovered 60GB of my stuff. The "genius" (I love their work titles) told me he got most of my pictures and quite a bit of other stuff. I have yet to hear back from them about getting it all onto an external hard drive for me though... hopefully it will be soon. (Luckily Chase also brought a nice computer into our marriage!)

My dad gave me my laptop for a college graduation present... which if you know me or my "graduation" story... well it is a funny story in itself! But that was only in May 2007! Thank you Dad! I used it every day since then.

Christmas is coming... too bad we don't have an extra 1500 dollars lying around, that would be a great gift.
(You can send Donations to me! I do accept them with open arms.)

Xoxo, B

p.s. After I posted this, I found this picture of a MacBook Pro plated in 24-carat gold.... gee, I guess THIS is what I'll be asking Santa fo this year!!!
(You can't tell in this picture, but the Apple logo on the back of the computer is filled with diamonds!)

21 October 2008

Our Honeymoon to San Diego.

San Diego! (yes, i started this post 2 months ago and i'm finally actually posting it, sorry for the delay.)

We stayed in a cute bungalow on mission bay for a week after our wedding. It was so nice there and the weather couldn't have been better for us.

Some things we did:

- walked on the beach barefoot (i love popping those seaweed things)
- went deep sea fishing (chase was a pro... i didn't catch anything)
- went to our pools at the resort a lot (one of the pools had a sandy beach on one side)
- ordered room service (there food was seriously amazingly delicious)
- ate on the longest pier on the west coast (the waitress even gave us a free postcard because it was our honeymoon)
- hung out at seaport harbor village (and bought sea shells for our fish tanks at home)
- went to dinner at a restaurant on the coast line with lee leavenson (chase's 3rd grade teacher that loved him)
- spent a day at the san diego zoo (we did the bus tour to see all the animals, the koala's were my favourite)
- did 3 batches of laundry (apparently we didn't pack enough clothes)
- went to the san diego temple (one of the most beautiful temples)
- drove to rancho bernardo (so chase could show me his old houses, school, hang outs, etc)
- tried to find a ice cream parlor in the gaslamp district (it ended up not existing, so we found a fancy restaurant to eat at instead)

I know we did more, but now after 2 months, I don't remember it all. I do remember it being the best week of my life with my sweet new husband, Chase.

Xoxo, B

11 October 2008

Our Home:

Chase and I live in the cutest little cottage home ever made! The address is even cute. It's 2276 ½ South 2100 East. I love it.
*this is our first picture with our house... my holding the key the day we got it! notice the long long flower- chase tried to pick me a little flower and pulled out the whole stem! (from the neighbors garden.)*

We're renting a great two bedroom home that is in the same neighborhood (and ward) that my mom and her new husband, Bruce, live in. (Also were I've lived for the seven plus year that I've lived in Utah.)

The house is, as I said, two bedrooms, one bathroom, a family/living room, a dining room, a spacious kitchen and a huge laundry room (washer and dryer included!) We feel so lucky.

*This is me and Chase, he's carrying me over the threshold! :)*
We also got some really amazing things from Chase's parents, My dad and from my mom... well then not to mention we got a lot of great wedding gifts! (thank you everyone!) And with our own little contributions we've got one full little house!

It's great being in charge of my own place. I lived at home my whole life until I got married, so this is certainly a new adventure for me. A great one. Every Saturday Chase and I do our laundry, change the sheets, clean the bathroom, mop the floors and do all the dishes. It's crazy how many dishes we go through. I had no idea how hard my mom must have worked getting the kitchen looking as clean as she always had it! Wow. Some days we'll get a whole sink piled up with dishes and the dishwasher full of clean dishes... just in one day. I can't imagine what it is going to be like once we have 8 kids! :) haha.

Luckily, I got the hardest working husband in the world. I swear he does more to keep the house running then I do. He saves me every day! I just wish I could repay him with delicious dinners all the time, but that hasn't been my strong suit lately. I hear it comes with practise.

*this is the first dinner i made him- the pizza was actually homemade! and i love that i had nothing to decorate the cake with but whipped cream and berries. (my dinner making skills sadly havn't improved over the last month)*

I am tending for two family's right now. One in the early mornings and evenings and the other mid-day. It's great, but I'm always exhausted. This past week I worked over 40 hours! (that's a lot for me, i've never had a full time job. or even close to one... okay never mind, i had the boy i tend for over 50 hours a week in the summer.)

Anyway, Chase is in school, majoring in the Entrepreneur major. He's winding down with the mowing and landscaping and all day today and yesterday, he prepared his trucks and plows for this snow storm that is supposed to be coming tonight and tomorrow.

I hope it doesn't- so he'll stay home with me.
He hopes it does- it means he can bring in more money.

*our dining room table, set for dinner*

Well, I'm going to go finish cleaning the house for sunday.... "Saturday is a special day..." Oh those great primary songs never leave us, do they?

ps: sorry i don't really have any good pictures of my house.

29 September 2008

our pictures:

*This is a link to our Wedding Pictures! *

Here are some of our Wedding Pictures from my wonderful photographer, Katherine. She put a bunch up luckily, because I obvioulsy haven't done it. Let me know what you think though!
Xoxo, B


07 September 2008

Our Wedding Day.

We are married! And now it is no longer "My" blog, but "Our" blog.

Our wedding day went over very well. It was the perfect day! Thank you so much to everyone who helped me. There were so many people that made the day work.

We were sealed for time and all eternity in the Salt Lake Temple. I love being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is the best thing in the world to know what will go on after this life. I also love that I am going to be with Chase forever, not just til we die. The ceremony was wonderful and our sealer gave us so much great information to start our marriage with.

I loved walking out of the temple with Chase to see all of our friends and family members! It was just so great to see everyone who I love and know they were there supporting me and Chase. Thank you! I also LOVED that everyone just wanted to take pictures of us. Haha... I happily posed for a while.

Our luncheon was fun. The food was delicious! It was help in the Empire Room of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building... My dress was really hard to sit in though. My train was large and puffy, so it took up a lot of room! I decided I'd sing "At Last" to Chase.... haha, oh my goodness was it funny. I messed up a lot- everyone said that I pulled it off well- obviously I needed to practice it more then the maybe 3 times that I did.

Chase and I ran home between the lunch and reception... we needed to get our suitcases(actually I needed to pack!). We made it back just in time for the Reception, which was also in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

It was a lovely evening. I didn't want it to end and I loved the line and seeing all the people who came. We had chocolate fountains and Mmmmm.... SO GOOD. I love white chocolate and though I didn't get a chance to eat a lot, it was still delicious. We decided to have a dance, last minute... It was funny too. I danced with my dad, then Chase. It was just fun and small. We danced with the little kids and then cut the cake, threw the bouquet, did the garter toss and then we were off!

My cute family made a tunnel with there hands leading up to the horse and carriage for us to run through! So fun! Then we got up in the carriage and very slowly trotted away.

Thank you so much for everyone who helped with the event, I love you all and my wedding day was perfect.

28 August 2008

MY final countdown:

Thank you Janelle (my newest sister-in-law) for posting this clip and letting me steal it. Janelle married my brother Andrew on August 22, 2008.
This song and video are favourites of mine (especially thanks to GOB from Arrested Development) I couldn't resist posting it because I am in my final countdown. How fitting.

I wish I WAS this kind of music. Why did we move out of the the style in this era? I'll never know. The hair, the movement, the clothes, the synchronized head banging and really just the sound! I love it.

It's the final countdown...... 42 hours.... until I become Mrs. Brittany Anne Nielsen! <3

20 August 2008

Our trip to CANADA:

Me and Chase went on a very fun vacation to Canada. He had never been there before and I was excited to go back after a year of not being able to visit!
The drive from Salt Lake to Calgary is about 14 hours, well we made it in 13. Chase drove the entire way to the boarder. It was relaxing for me which made it nice.

The night we got there we went to The Calgary Tower. It is a really high tower and in part of it they have a glass floor overlook. It was scary to stand there looking down so far. We then went out for dinner with my dad and cousin.

We drove to Edmonton the next day. Our stops included the Edmonton Temple, West Edmonton Mall(amazing), then to my sister's house to see her and Jimmy. My grandparents came over and we all ate together- it was a lot of fun.

My sister, Tiffany, bought a new house with Jimmy last year. It is such a cute house! They have really made it a stylish home. I can't wait to have my own home so that I can try to make my house a home is such a great way.

On Sunday we went to church with my grandparents(my dad's parents). We also went to visit my other cousins at their church building. It's so much fun to see my family.

We drove back to Calgary on Sunday night and Monday we drove to Cardston. I got to introduce my grandma (mom's mom) to Chase and also introduce some Aunts to him. One of the highlights of our trip was going to Waterton. It's a Canadian National Park in Southern Alberta.

Chase loved the views and the nature. He couldn't believe how beautiful it was- it made me proud that it was home and native land. :)

I love Chase and it was a really fun trip. It was our first Vacation together and it went really well. I'm excited to always be with him once we get married.

ps: we have been dating for 11 months as of today!

31 July 2008

My Wedding Plans:


I'm getting married in 30 DAYS! Can you believe I'm going to be Mrs. Brittany Nielsen, just so soon!

Everything is going pretty well except I am busy beyond belief!!! I always have so much going on, I'm really tired all the time, but I actually love all the planning!

I have a dress, a photographer, shoes, a hair stylist, a location, the temple reserved, bridesmaid dresses, the invitations.....

I need ties, a guest book, flowers, to address and mail the invitations, a cake.....

Just to give you a tiny glimpse of what I've been up to. And for the upcoming month- I've got three showers (yay!), a trip to canada(yay!), to get my endowments out(yay!), another wedding to attend(namely, my brother Andrew's) (yay!), move into our new house(yay!), and it goes on and on.....

Boy oh boy, the more I feel like I have got a lot done- the more things I realize I still have to do! In fact, the more I sit here and write this, the more I realize I've really really got to address invitations instead.

Here's a little peak at my dress and ring.
Xoxo, Brittany

30 June 2008

My niece, Eleanor Ash:

I have a new niece! She was born at 3:35 am on June 27, weighed 7 pounds 14 ounces, is 20 inches long and has a full head of gorgeous dark hair.

Her mom and dad (my sister Brooklyn and her husband) got to the hospital at 3am and Eleanor was born so soon after that the Doctor didn't even make it on time. It may seem great that it was so quick, but it also means she had to do an all natural birth- no medication. I cannot even imagine what that would be like! (Nor would I like to find out... haha)

Though, seeing the sweet little baby girl really got me excited to be a mom... which will likely not be for a few years.

Eleanor has an older brother, Oliver Brown. He will be two years old in September. It is so fun to watch him with her. The first time I asked him if he had a sister he said ya- then when I asked him her name, he told me it was "Elbow". Whenever I come over and ask where Eleanor is, he says she's hiding. (She's usually in the room in her mom's arms.) Just so you know, he cannot say full sentences and is just barely stating to say words that are clear. I'm in love with him. He is so nice to his new baby. I love this picture where he is poking her.

The evening of the day she was born, all our family went to the hospital to visit the new little girl. I loved t hold her and see how tiny she is- but I think Chase enjoyed holding her even more then I did. He didn't want to let go of her. Again, it made me so excited to raise a family with Chase. He is amazing with kids!


ps: happy 26th birthday brooklyn!

07 June 2008

My Engagement:

Well everyone... Chase and I are engaged! We are going to be married on August 30. I am so very excited. He is my best friend in the whole world and I am the luckiest lady in the world to have him be mine.

He proposed on Monday, June 2 - in the most romantic way ever! I couldn't have asked for a better life right now. Being so in love is the best, but being in love and engaged is better then the best!

Before he picked me up, he told me to dress warm and to wear hiking boots. I knew he was going to propose soon, so each day I wondered... this day I thought he was going to do something romantic to trick me into thinking he was going to propose that night. He picked me up and he suggested we get some pictures of us before we left. We love pictures, so this wasn't that unusual. Plus I was wearing a funny outfit, so all the more reason to get pictures! Luckily my sister, Bethany was there to be the photographer.

As we got in the car he blindfolded me. I couldn't resist taking more pictures of us. While we were driving, Chase started to tell me the eight things he lovs about me most. (We had been dating just over eight months).

We drove for a while, and I though he had driven up Parley's Canyon, when we got out, I was fully expecting him to take my blindfold off. But, nope. Instead he let me know we were going on a hike! It was hilarious! Have you ever hiked blindfolded? Well, unless you have an amazing guide, like Chase, I do not recommend it. It was the most romantic hike I'd ever been on. He held my hand the whole way up. By now I hoped he was going to propose, so that was so exciting to think about, plus fear and excitement, knowing you have put ALL you trust into someone to keep you safe is so fun. The whole hike was exhilarating!

We got to the top safely. He sat me on a chair(which I was really confused about, because I still had no idea where we were.) and I could hear him doing some stuff. Finally he took my blindfold off.

It was the most gorgeous and special view ever. We were at Pete's rock. Where Chase and I had had our first "really romantic" moment together. It looks over the SL valley and the sun was setting and he timed it perfectly, so the sky was at it's prettiest moment. Chase had set out everything. He had a table, chairs, candles, tiki torches, dinner on the table, a picture of us and near that was a little mattress with a pillow and blanket.

We ate dinner together (one thing he forgot were the glasses) and as were finished he told me to look at the picture. I picked it up and there was a little white box behind the frame!

He picked up the box, got on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said yes! I also was in shock because of the ring he got me! It was AMAZING! We had been ring shopping together and I had told him what setting I wanted... He had bought the diamond and had the jeweler make the setting fit around the diamond. I couldn't be happier with my ring! I seriously can't even believe that I got my dream ring. It's perfect in every way possible! I could talk about the beauty of my ring for ever! (Sometimes I do talk about it to Chase for hours because I feel like I can never thank him enough for getting me the PERFECT ring!)

After I put the ring on, we had dessert. By this time the sun had set and again the view changed into another beautiful scene. Now we could see all the city lights shining and the stars above us were shining and we were surrounded by candles, it was perfect. We snuggled and I was the most happy I've ever been. I now knew I was going to be Mrs. Brittany Anne Nielsen. I knew I was soon going to be sealed to Chase for eternity and I know this probably sounds so cheesy, but knowing you're going to be with your best friend and love of your life FOREVER is the happiest feeling in the world.

Chase, I love you. Thank you for being the man of my dreams!

21 May 2008

My Sister, BETHANY:

She is home at last! Yay! My sissy has been gone for the last 18 months in Los Angeles serving a mission. I missed her so much! At the start of her mission, I wrote her just about once a day. By the end of her mission, I at least emailed her almost weekly... almost. (this is a picture of everyone in our family who showed up at the airport to pick her up.)

Last July, I had a layover in LA, so I took a taxi to visit her! It was so much fun to see her be a missionary. I got to spend the day with her and do service. (aka: painting strange yellow polka dots all over this cute Mexican family's walls.)

I was sure excited when I got to see her again! She's so precious. Last week my mom and I got to go pick her up as she finished her mission. We were staying in the same apartment building that she lived in, which was exciting because we kept thinking we'd run into her! Wednesday morning came and we were supposed to meet her outside the mission home(which is beside the apt's).

I walked out and walked toward the mission home and saw her.... we both started running toward each other! (this is a picture of my view, it's kinda not centered because i was running too!) It was so funny. Tears everywhere. We met a bunch of other missionaries who she'd served with and her mission president.

Over the next couple days, we got to go meet a bunch of her investigators and converts.
Meeting these strong people and hearing their conversion stories really strengthened my testimony. Also just seeing people look to my sister as their "Angel", as they all called her, was so inspiring. It's strange that to them she really did change their lives drastically. My little, Sister Olsen... changing the world one person at a time. Also, those people she was serving were so generous, most were Latino's and hard hardly any money, but the y would always want to give give give... Ok, enough about that. It was also just really fun to be in Los Angeles and to be with my sissy again.

We flew home on the same flight- but my mom and I went out before her. It was so cute when I came out to see the whole family standing there- being so excited to see Bethany again! Then she came down the escalator. Cute. It was her shining moment!! Now it's time for her to be awkward and weird and try to adjust to normal life.

Good luck Bethany!

ps: she also just barely found out that she is accepted to the BYU Jerusalem Center for fall semester. She leaves the 2nd of September!

We got to go out for lunch with our Uncle Larry and cousin, Jerilyn.

Christopher also met us at the temple grounds to say hello.

Me and Bethany. I was pretending to be a Sister Missionary and I was wearing her tag.

This is us displaying the car she had been driving on the mission.