03 December 2007

My Love:

I don't like to blog about relationships. I think they are too special and personal to just let anyone in on. Also out of respect for whomever I am seeing. Though, because my boyfriend is the only thing I can think about lately, I guess I'm going to be writing about him today... He is perfect. For one, he's gorgeous and has got style. He's so hilarious and random, which makes me happy to be with him. He's spiritual and knowledgeable about the scriptures. He is such a hard worker and so dedicated to what he does. He'll listen to me and be there for me whenever I need him. He randomly writes me adorable texts and calls me just to say hi. He's adventurous and is healthy. He has great manners and is kind.
It's just too bad that everyone can't have a man like him.

Last night he came over for dinner. It was the first time that he'd done that, though he's met most of my family. We had dinner then all watched the First Presidency Christmas Devotional and has dessert.
My family has a Christmas tradition of making paper snowflakes every year and putting them up. After the Devotional we all sat around the table, listening to Amy Grant's Christmas album and cut out the snowflakes. I had so much fun, I think he did too.

I can't wait for Christmas. I've been doing Christmassy stuff everyday. On the radio, we have a few stations that play Christmas 24-7. I always listen to them when I drive. When I'm home I always have Christmas music on too.
I was helping out a neighbor lady, cleaning her house and addressing Christmas cards today and we listened to Christmas music the whole time too. It was so much fun. I just love doing those types of things especially with that music going.

I'm now going to go watch a movie with my family and wrap the caramels we made over the weekend.

*First picture is me and Chase, the night we made the snow flakes.
*The next three pictures are snowflakes I made. I made the I heart U one for Chase.
*The one below is our dining room after we finished decorating it with the flakes.

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