14 November 2007

My Driving Skills:

I love to drive. Currently the car I drive is a 1990 White Acura Integra. I'm in love with it.

I've become very talented at steering with my knee. I remember my dad always driving with his knee, and I thought it was so amazing. Then Bethany did it too when she would drive. When I started driving myself (at age 18), I tried and did not do it well.

But we all know that practice makes perfect.

Driving with your knees gives you so much freedom in the car. Yesterday was a good example of that. I was on my way to work and I noticed that my nails were worn off on all the tips; it made me look trashy. If I took the time to paint them, I would be late to work so I decided to bring the polish with me... so I could paint my nails as I drove.
I was surprised how easy it was. I only got one strange look (from a hot guy in a truck who could see down into my car). I had to hold the bottle while I was painting them because I didn't want to spill. So it was a bit awkward, but my nails looked great after and they dried fast because it was so cold. This all happened at 7am on the I-15 NB.

Many, if not most, days I do my make-up as I drive to work in the morning. I've mastered that as well, though a month ago I had a little mishap. I was driving down 4th West which is lined with those large orange traffic cones. (4th is under construction- putting in the new TRAX line). I guess I don't know what those orange things are called.
All the sudden I heard a loud bang. I refocused my attention from my mascara to the road and realized I had just knocked my side mirror flat on one of those orange road blockers. Hah. I started laughing out loud, I thought it was so funny... typical ditsy female. I'm sure I'm driving the other drivers crazy.

I'm going to go get ready for the kid Theodore concert that I am going to tonight.

*Picture 1- Me and my car right before I drove to bear lake by myself (to meet up with people there.)
*Picture 2- That same day- during the drive. Also an example of how talented I am while driving... listening to music and taking pictures!
*Picture 3- Me and Post at the Kid Theodore concert. (obviously this was added later.)

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Lycosa Web Services Ltd said...

Lucky you just knocked your wing mirror off - look what these road blockers can do!

Makes you think twice about doing your makeup in the car, doesn't it ;-)