08 November 2007

My Job:

I work in the Campus Bookstore and it is extremely entertaining at times.

People constantly "push" when it says "pull" and "pull" when it says "push". It wouldn't be as funny if they didn't look as embarrassed as they do. We have glass doors so I can understand why it's hard... kinda?

A man came in and bought a flashdrive. He came back in and asked how it worked. I told him to plug it into the computer. He then asked me if it needed batteries. I don't know why that came across to me as hilarious... but it sure did. Where on earth would the batteries go?

We sell LDSBC ties in the store. This awkward guy came in and was looking at them. Our ties sell for 22 dollars. He said to me and the girl he was with that the ties were way too expensive. He proceeded to say, "The most expensive tie I've ever bought was 5 Dollars. But that's because it was like, black leather!" Wow. I want to know where he shops.

I am now on my way to work. I hope it's an exciting day today.
*The first picture is me "pulling" instead of pushing at the glass doors that seem to trick everyone.
*The second is me squishing into the little space under the counter
*The third is me with all the LDS BC gear!

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