24 November 2007

My Thanksgiving:

I'll admit that Thanksgiving this year was lame.

Last year my whole family was in town because Bethany was leaving on her mission. It made the week of so much better. I was happy. All my sisters were around. We made lots of chocolates and caramels. We went shopping a lot. we had so much family around- my dad was in town. We kept it within our own family, that was nice. It was sad that Bethany had to leave, but everything else about that time of year was magical and wonderful.

Leading up to thanksgiving this year, we cleaned the house and did yard work beyond belief. It wasn't exciting and you can't wear pumps when you're raking leaves... the heels just put holes in the lawn. We finished cleaning the house. Got ready, well I got ready as half my family was here and we ate dinner. I enjoy the company of my extended family. They are always a lot of fun to hang out with. My table was a great one too, I sat with everyone that I like the most. Dinner was just great. But it didn't seem like a holiday or anything special. I can't seem to figure out why.

The next day, Friday, yesterday... I slept in until 4:30pm! Wow. I woke up a few times throughout the day and at 3:30 I got up and went to my mom's room(she was also sleeping, but she was just having a nap) and got into bed with her and then got up an hour later.
We went to our gym, Ballys and then came home. I just did some at home type boring stuff and then I went to get ice cream with a friend who was in town. I enjoyed my Friday at least.

It's time for me to sneak some leftover turkey and try to go to bed now.

*Picture is me and my cousin Lianna who lives with me. We took this on Thanksgiving, but after the festivities.

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