19 November 2007

My Humps:

While I was on the elliptical today, 'my humps' came on my iPod clip shuffle. Last summer when I lived in Canada, I was in love with that song. It's a really great song to work out to. Got me going.

I was at the gym for an extra long time today, probably because I put that song on repeat. I know every word in that song now. Ok, last summer I'm pretty sure I also knew every word.
"They treat me really nicely, They buy me all these ices... Dolce and Gabbana, Fendi and NaDanna..."

I love to clean my room to this song. Not only this song, there are many that I love to clean to. When I am going to be cleaning for a long time, I put on a fun dress and pumps. It makes cleaning so much better. Now, probably because of this, I love it when I get to clean.

I haven't been able to figure out if I like working out with or without music. I don't always bring my iPod with me. I actually have two iPods.

I have the clip shuffle- which is great for running. I also have the 80GB Video iPod. I don't usually bring that one- but I think I need to bring it and watch a movie while I'm on the elliptical. I need to put more movies on my iPod though.

Going to the gym has got to be my favourite thing ever. I didn't used to love it so much. This year, 2007, I've really lost a lot of weight. That in itself has motivated me to work out more. Which becomes a cycle... because then I get more toned and want to go even more. This all motivates me to continue to eat healthy.
Speaking of eating... Thanksgiving is this week! I will for sure eat as much as I can and NOT go to the gym that day.

I'm happy and I'm going to go shower.

*The picture is of me at Christmas- I got a new workout outfit. (I added this later, obviously, because as of this date, Christmas hadn't even happened yet!)

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