15 November 2007

My Addictions:

My year old nephew, Oliver, got me hooked on goldfish crackers- really his mom Brooklyn did. She brought a bag to our Photography class and I made fun of her because she was eating her sons food. I did eat some during the class though and started stealing Olivers fish when I played with him. Soon after this I realized those little guys were delicious and I started snacking on goldfish even when I wasn't with Oliver. I bought a large carton of them and now bring bags of fish to school, work and church with me.
I can't go a day without.

When I was younger my mom would drink V8 on occasion. I thought it was so gross. Boy was I missing out. Earlier this year I started eating a lower amount of calories. A large can of V8 only has 80 calories! Every other drink sold at the bookstore either has carbonation(which I don't drink), ridiculous amounts of calories or aspartame- which forced me to buy a V8. I gaged it down. It gave me so much energy and made me feel great, so I bought another one soon after. Soon enough I was drinking it daily and enjoying every sip.
I finally bought a case of 48.

My Business Writing class is over now and I am going to go home to clean my room.

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