24 November 2007

My Thanksgiving:

I'll admit that Thanksgiving this year was lame.

Last year my whole family was in town because Bethany was leaving on her mission. It made the week of so much better. I was happy. All my sisters were around. We made lots of chocolates and caramels. We went shopping a lot. we had so much family around- my dad was in town. We kept it within our own family, that was nice. It was sad that Bethany had to leave, but everything else about that time of year was magical and wonderful.

Leading up to thanksgiving this year, we cleaned the house and did yard work beyond belief. It wasn't exciting and you can't wear pumps when you're raking leaves... the heels just put holes in the lawn. We finished cleaning the house. Got ready, well I got ready as half my family was here and we ate dinner. I enjoy the company of my extended family. They are always a lot of fun to hang out with. My table was a great one too, I sat with everyone that I like the most. Dinner was just great. But it didn't seem like a holiday or anything special. I can't seem to figure out why.

The next day, Friday, yesterday... I slept in until 4:30pm! Wow. I woke up a few times throughout the day and at 3:30 I got up and went to my mom's room(she was also sleeping, but she was just having a nap) and got into bed with her and then got up an hour later.
We went to our gym, Ballys and then came home. I just did some at home type boring stuff and then I went to get ice cream with a friend who was in town. I enjoyed my Friday at least.

It's time for me to sneak some leftover turkey and try to go to bed now.

*Picture is me and my cousin Lianna who lives with me. We took this on Thanksgiving, but after the festivities.

19 November 2007

My Humps:

While I was on the elliptical today, 'my humps' came on my iPod clip shuffle. Last summer when I lived in Canada, I was in love with that song. It's a really great song to work out to. Got me going.

I was at the gym for an extra long time today, probably because I put that song on repeat. I know every word in that song now. Ok, last summer I'm pretty sure I also knew every word.
"They treat me really nicely, They buy me all these ices... Dolce and Gabbana, Fendi and NaDanna..."

I love to clean my room to this song. Not only this song, there are many that I love to clean to. When I am going to be cleaning for a long time, I put on a fun dress and pumps. It makes cleaning so much better. Now, probably because of this, I love it when I get to clean.

I haven't been able to figure out if I like working out with or without music. I don't always bring my iPod with me. I actually have two iPods.

I have the clip shuffle- which is great for running. I also have the 80GB Video iPod. I don't usually bring that one- but I think I need to bring it and watch a movie while I'm on the elliptical. I need to put more movies on my iPod though.

Going to the gym has got to be my favourite thing ever. I didn't used to love it so much. This year, 2007, I've really lost a lot of weight. That in itself has motivated me to work out more. Which becomes a cycle... because then I get more toned and want to go even more. This all motivates me to continue to eat healthy.
Speaking of eating... Thanksgiving is this week! I will for sure eat as much as I can and NOT go to the gym that day.

I'm happy and I'm going to go shower.

*The picture is of me at Christmas- I got a new workout outfit. (I added this later, obviously, because as of this date, Christmas hadn't even happened yet!)

15 November 2007

My Addictions:

My year old nephew, Oliver, got me hooked on goldfish crackers- really his mom Brooklyn did. She brought a bag to our Photography class and I made fun of her because she was eating her sons food. I did eat some during the class though and started stealing Olivers fish when I played with him. Soon after this I realized those little guys were delicious and I started snacking on goldfish even when I wasn't with Oliver. I bought a large carton of them and now bring bags of fish to school, work and church with me.
I can't go a day without.

When I was younger my mom would drink V8 on occasion. I thought it was so gross. Boy was I missing out. Earlier this year I started eating a lower amount of calories. A large can of V8 only has 80 calories! Every other drink sold at the bookstore either has carbonation(which I don't drink), ridiculous amounts of calories or aspartame- which forced me to buy a V8. I gaged it down. It gave me so much energy and made me feel great, so I bought another one soon after. Soon enough I was drinking it daily and enjoying every sip.
I finally bought a case of 48.

My Business Writing class is over now and I am going to go home to clean my room.

14 November 2007

My Driving Skills:

I love to drive. Currently the car I drive is a 1990 White Acura Integra. I'm in love with it.

I've become very talented at steering with my knee. I remember my dad always driving with his knee, and I thought it was so amazing. Then Bethany did it too when she would drive. When I started driving myself (at age 18), I tried and did not do it well.

But we all know that practice makes perfect.

Driving with your knees gives you so much freedom in the car. Yesterday was a good example of that. I was on my way to work and I noticed that my nails were worn off on all the tips; it made me look trashy. If I took the time to paint them, I would be late to work so I decided to bring the polish with me... so I could paint my nails as I drove.
I was surprised how easy it was. I only got one strange look (from a hot guy in a truck who could see down into my car). I had to hold the bottle while I was painting them because I didn't want to spill. So it was a bit awkward, but my nails looked great after and they dried fast because it was so cold. This all happened at 7am on the I-15 NB.

Many, if not most, days I do my make-up as I drive to work in the morning. I've mastered that as well, though a month ago I had a little mishap. I was driving down 4th West which is lined with those large orange traffic cones. (4th is under construction- putting in the new TRAX line). I guess I don't know what those orange things are called.
All the sudden I heard a loud bang. I refocused my attention from my mascara to the road and realized I had just knocked my side mirror flat on one of those orange road blockers. Hah. I started laughing out loud, I thought it was so funny... typical ditsy female. I'm sure I'm driving the other drivers crazy.

I'm going to go get ready for the kid Theodore concert that I am going to tonight.

*Picture 1- Me and my car right before I drove to bear lake by myself (to meet up with people there.)
*Picture 2- That same day- during the drive. Also an example of how talented I am while driving... listening to music and taking pictures!
*Picture 3- Me and Post at the Kid Theodore concert. (obviously this was added later.)

08 November 2007

My Job:

I work in the Campus Bookstore and it is extremely entertaining at times.

People constantly "push" when it says "pull" and "pull" when it says "push". It wouldn't be as funny if they didn't look as embarrassed as they do. We have glass doors so I can understand why it's hard... kinda?

A man came in and bought a flashdrive. He came back in and asked how it worked. I told him to plug it into the computer. He then asked me if it needed batteries. I don't know why that came across to me as hilarious... but it sure did. Where on earth would the batteries go?

We sell LDSBC ties in the store. This awkward guy came in and was looking at them. Our ties sell for 22 dollars. He said to me and the girl he was with that the ties were way too expensive. He proceeded to say, "The most expensive tie I've ever bought was 5 Dollars. But that's because it was like, black leather!" Wow. I want to know where he shops.

I am now on my way to work. I hope it's an exciting day today.
*The first picture is me "pulling" instead of pushing at the glass doors that seem to trick everyone.
*The second is me squishing into the little space under the counter
*The third is me with all the LDS BC gear!