25 September 2007

My Blogalicious Brittany Blog:

I was an avid blogger at one point. In December 2004 is when I started. I blogged all through 2005 and 2006 but then lost touch with the blogging world. I think I'll pick it up again. I've done this a few times, trying to create a new blog, I forget about them or I get bored of them because it's new and I have no readers. My first blog became way too popular though. I used to have hundreds of hits each week. (I don't think Blogger has a way for you to be able to check like the msn live blogs do).
I also realized that overtime it wasn't just randoms who read my blog and I had made it much too personal. I'm not sure how my friends would find my blog, but they did. I would write about the boys I was dating and that got me in trouble a few, or a lot, of times. It's strange how I felt comfortable telling all these random people everything about my life. But eventually I made the blog "private" and chose who I wanted to read it- but then the writing dwindled off.

I am going to steer away from the way I used to blog. I saved my blogging for when I was in a bad mood- I guess it was a ventilation system for me. So I had all these people who either didn't know me or just were my acquaintances thinking I was constantly in a bad mood or perhaps they thought I was just an all around negative person, which I am not.

Hopefully by reading this, you'll know that I'm a very happy person.

*This is a picture of me in my yard- one of many in the photo shoot me and Lianna had.